PACE Membership Information

(PACE = Patient Advocate Career Exploration)

This membership level is for those who are thinking about becoming a private, independent patient advocate but haven’t yet committed to the idea. (Already committed? Check out our Premium Membership.)

Maybe you have assisted a friend or loved one, but do not have paid advocacy experience. You’re looking for a way to boost your advocacy resumé or gain more inside information about this type of career. Or perhaps you’ve been helping others for many years and now you want to figure out how to get paid for the help you provide in the future.

If any of those are true, then a PACE membership is the right place for you.

(Note: If you live and work outside the US or Canada,
then our PACE International Membership will be of more interest to you. Learn more here.)

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With a PACE membership, you can:

  • Learn more about patient advocacy as a career, including educational opportunities.
  • Find resources for business planning, health advocate liability insurance, business formation, marketing, client services, legal concepts, and more.
  • Network with others through the APHA Discussion Forum: from experienced advocates who are already working with patient-clients, to those who are just thinking about the possibility, to those who have just begun putting their practices together.
  • Participate in Expert Teleconferences and Webinars on a variety of topics that let you ask questions of experts in the field.
  • Tap into our network of advisors who can help you learn more about building a business, forming your practice, acquire your insurance, develop marketing strategies, creating niches and more.
  • Join Special Interest Groups like Medical Billing and Claims, Physicians as Advocates, Lawyers as Advocates and others.
  • Receive discounts and special offers from APHA partners.
  • New! Enjoy free and discounted advocacy courses at the new PracticeUP!Online education website.
  • Be alerted FIRST when new opportunities are offered from outside groups and vendors.
  • Receive tips and updates about advocacy business practices, the career itself, and the APHA site through our weekly APHA Agenda newsletter.
  • See a master list of benefits compared to other APHA membership levels.
  • Are you a member of NAHAC, or trying to decide between the two organizations? Here’s a comparison of these two professional organizations.

Total cost for your first 6 months of APHA PACE Membership is $59.*
There is no better investment in your career exploration.

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as a PACE Member of the
Alliance of Professional Health Advocates



Still not sure?

Here’s a tool to help you decide:

So You Want to Be a Patient Advocate?
Choosing a Career in Health or Patient Advocacy
(Second Edition)


*If you don’t think you’ll need a full 6 months of PACE membership before you upgrade to Premium, don’t worry. We’ll credit you with any unspent PACE dues when you make the membership upgrade.
Learn more in our FAQs (Dues, Fees, Upgrades, Renewals)