Frequently Asked Questions about APHA Memberships, Benefits, Cost and More

You may find answers to your questions here.  If not, we invite you to contact us.

Application and Membership

Directory Listing FAQs

Dues, Fees, Upgrades & Renewals

  • J. How much are the membership dues for each type of membership?

    Pricing for each level of membership is found on the Membership Comparison Chart.

  • K. Are there any discounts for membership?

    Yes, Premium and Premium +ADL applicants will find their year one membership dues reduced if they belong to another affiliated organization. Also, the renewal cost for year 2 and beyond is less than the initial membership for all membership levels.

  • L. When are the membership dues due?

    Dues for new members are due as soon as the application is received. Upon submission, the applicant is taken to a page that outlines payment choices (credit card, check, pay-by-phone.)

    Then, annually, members receive a series of renewal notices beginning 30 days prior to their renewal dates.

    In all cases, once membership dues have been paid, members are able to access the many benefits available to them immediately.

  • M. If I apply for one type of membership, can I upgrade it (or downgrade it) later?

    Yes.  Once you are already a member, you may do either, as follows:

    It’s quite simple to upgrade your membership.  Log into your Membership Dashboard and find a link on the right to UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Your dues will be adjusted according to how much time has passed since you paid for your previous membership.  

    Premium +ADL members may downgrade to Directory Only.  No Premium, Premium +ADL, or DO members may downgrade to PACE (If you were not yet working as an advocate, you would not have been accepted as a Premium or DO member to begin with.)  

    To downgrade your membership from Premium +ADL to Directory Only, send an email to us at info(at) and request a downgrade. Dues adjustments will take place according to the refund schedule below (see the question about cancelling memberships and receiving refunds). Your refund balance will be determined, then will be applied toward a full DO membership.

  • N. If I decide to upgrade my membership before my annual renewal, will you make a dues adjustment?

    Membership upgrades include DO to Premium, or PACE (Patient Advocate Career Explorers) to  Premium.  The easiest way to make an upgrade happen is to log into your membership homepage, then find the link on the right to Upgrade your Membership.

    Yes, we will make an adjustment to your new dues.  In completing the upgrade, we will apply a portion of your already-paid dues to your new cost for membership.  The amount will be simple math – For example, if six months have passed since your lower-level membership dues were paid, then half the amount you paid will be applied to your upgraded membership – which will then run for its full year.

  • O. If I decide to cancel my membership, will I get any portion of my membership dues refunded?

    In some cases, yes. Find in this chart the amount that will be refunded.

  • P. How do membership renewals work?

    Your renewal date will come up annually on your original date of membership. You can find your renewal date from your membership dashboard, by linking to Manage Your Account > scroll down to your Personal Account Information and choose Subscriptions.

    About one month prior to your renewal date, you’ll receive a first notice telling you it’s time to renew.  You’ll receive additional reminders throughout the 30 days leading to your expiration date.

    There are no automatic renewals. You must intentionally renew using the link provided in your renewal email.

  • Q. Beyond membership dues, do you charge additional fees for some services?

    There are no additional fees for any of the benefits listed on this master list.

    We do offer some promotional programs that are linkable from members’ dashboards that may incur additional fees, such as the AdvoConnection Spotlight, and expanded directory listings (more than 5 service areas, or additional locations.)

    The only additional fee that could be charged would be for those who write us a check against insufficient funds. A returned check will trigger a $35 service fee.

Miscellaneous FAQs