Tour the APHA Premium (and +ADL*) Membership

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APHA Membership is represented by two websites:

  • The APHA Membership Site (located at and includes the APHA Connect! Discussion Forum)
  • The Umbra Health Advocacy Directory (formerly AdvoConnection Directory) where members are profiled and can be found by patients and caregivers seeking an independent health and patient advocate. 10*Premium Members who meet our directory-listing criteria may add their profiles to the AdvoConnection Directory

take a tour of APHA membership

This tour will take you through five main sections
of an APHA Premium Membership

Section One

Membership Information and Account Management

From this section you can manage your APHA account, from changing your profile information (password, email addresses, and your subscription) to referring new members (you’ll get extra months added to your own membership), to free downloads (see Premium page at right), and renewing your membership. We try to make self-management a breeze so you can take care of business easily and quickly.

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Section Two

Announcements and the APHA Agenda
(weekly newsletter)

When announcements are paired with the APHA weekly newsletter (called The APHA Agenda), you’ll stay up-to-date on our organization’s events like Expert Call-ins, meetings of Special Interest Groups, or workshops, plus more general information about the advocacy profession such as updates on certification information, current surveys and results, access to mentors, and more.


Section Three  

APHA Online Resources 

The premier online location for business development, best practices and advocacy knowledge.

From how-to business information (legal, insurance, marketing and more) to updates on client services needs (Medicare, hospitals and doctors, diagnosis and treatment information access and more), APHA’s online resources offer you the support you need for being the professional advocate you are.

Section Four

The APHA Connect! Discussion Forum

APHA Connect! is the heart of networking for independent health and patient advocates and other care professionals. Ask and answer questions, share advocacy information as it pertains to your practice, your clients, or even just some humor! Connect with others across town, or across the world. Participate – or lurk – as much as you would like. This is your opportunity to Connect! with like-minded individuals who can support you – and to whom you can provide support, too.

Section Five

The Umbra Health Advocacy Directory (formerly AdvoConnection Directory)

Hands down, the best form of online marketing for health and patient advocates and other care professionals is a listing in the Umbra Health Advocacy Directory. Especially during the first few years of your practice, a listing in the Umbra Health Advocacy Directory can make or break your ability to succeed in business. 

Premium members are invited to list themselves in the directory once they have met our listing criteria, demonstrating their ability to serve patients and their caregivers both professionally and appropriately. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed your
APHA Premium Membership tour!

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