Premium and +ADL Membership Information

members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates


A Premium Membership in the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates should be your choice if you are already in business as an advocate, or if you are very close, lacking only a few details before you launch, and you wish to take advantage of all membership benefits offered by the Alliance.

Find a master list of Premium and +ADL Membership benefits.


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 There are two ways you can be an APHA Premium Member:

Premium + ADL Membership*

You are already in business and meet our criteria for being listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.
(ADL = AdvoConnection Directory Listed)

Join APHA as a Premium Member,
then add your directory listing (+ADL)

for no extra charge.

Premium Membership*

You are very close to being officially in business and lack only one or two of our requirements for being listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.

Join APHA as a Premium Member.
(Add your directory listing once you meet the requirements at no extra charge.)


First year Premium + ADL and Premium dues are $289, unless you are affiliated with one of our APHA affiliates and are therefore entitled to a discount.  Dues in subsequent years are reduced to $259/year (no additional discounts.)

If you are already a PACE member of the Alliance, you will also be credited with any unspent PACE dues. (Example: if you have been a PACE member for 3 months, you will get a 75% credit of the total you paid for your PACE membership subtracted from your new Premium dues.)

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*Not sure if you will be accepted to the AdvoConnection Directory?

Our criteria are simple, fair and important. We do not make exceptions.

However, our goal is to list as many people in the directory as possible. The more listed, the more help for patients and caregivers!

So, should you not quite be eligible for a directory listing, you are invited to join as a Premium member, which will provide you with access to all membership benefits, including insurance information, forms and contracts, and more.  We’ll support you as you acquire the pieces that are lacking, and then we’ll happily throw the switch to make sure you show up in the Directory, moving you up to Premium ADL, as soon as you qualify.

We want you to succeed!  And we’ll help you reach that goal.