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More than ever, patients and families need advocates to help them get what they need from the healthcare system. That means an opportunity for YOU.

Whether you can offer them medical-navigation assistance, or you can help them wrangle their outrageous (and often wrong!) medical bills – patients and families need YOU and your skills.

You know you can be a great advocate. But are you as sure about your business skills?  Can you start, run, and grow an advocacy or care management practice and be confident of success?

If you aren’t sure or if you know you could benefit from learning business start-up basics… it’s time to enroll in our APHA Academy course:  100 Days to Launch Your Practice

Learn more below.

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APHA Academy focuses on your need to understand the business of advocacy and care management to ensure you will start and grow a successful, sustainable, practice.

Through online instruction and live, in-person classes, we help you build your skills, and we answer all your burning questions about starting and growing an independent advocacy practice.

You’ll develop the confidence you need to become the advocate or care manager YOU want to be!

Whether you haven’t yet thrown the switch, or you’ve gotten a rocky start and need a good boost in your skill level, or if you think there is value in understanding better how to make you and your practice more effective or efficient…

APHA Academy is for you!

Join us!

I am very happy I invested in the 100 Days to Launch Your Practice program. The lessons, videos and discussions were just what I needed to give me the confidence to move forward with my advocacy business.

~ Kay Landes

An incredible amount of valuable learning experiences are contained in this course. I am an Adjunct Professor at a local University, and I was still very impressed by the relevance of this course. It was just the right combination of textbook review and experiential learning! I could not be happier that I made the decision to take this course.

~ Elaine O'Bleness

I don’t believe that I could have easily launched my business without taking this course. It gave me a firm foundation for starting my business and understanding the key pieces that would lead to success.

~ Mary Jozwik

Fall 2022 Course Details

100 Days to Launch Your Practice


Start Date: 
Monday,  September 12, 2022

End Date: 
December 20, 2022
(Yes – 100 Days!)



Course Lessons

25 lessons over 14 weeks

  • Mostly self-paced with 40-50 hours of instruction in total
    (2-3 hours per week of lessons plus homework.)
  • Video, podcasts, online coursework, reading, discussion forum
  • Includes 4 “live” Zoom events (1-2 hours each)

CEs Available

CEs for BCPA Recertification

You will earn a minimum of 10 CEs, up to 19.5 CEs, depending on previous coursework you have completed.

Find more details in the Course Content Questions section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Curriculum / Agenda

All business, all the time, from legal and insurance, to ethics and marketing, from pricing your services, to client discussions, to developing your niche, your website, and more.

(Find the complete curriculum below.)


Connect with Others

Our classes are large enough that you’ll meet others you’ll want to stay connected with, but small enough that you’ll feel as if the class is personalized to you.

Meet other advocates and care managers who are growing new practices, and advancing their skill levels who will be there for you to befriend and work with long after our 100 days are behind us.



(plus the cost of any textbooks you don’t already own) 

This INCLUDES a 6-month Premium APHA membership. (Already a member? We’ll add the free months to your existing membership. See APHA Membership in our FAQs for more information.)

Textbooks Required:  The three instruction books in the Health Advocates Career Series will be required for this course. Discounts are available. See “Pricing Discounts” in the Registration Questions on our FAQs page.




As you register, you will have access to big discounts on the textbooks, if needed. (Learn more about the textbooks in the FAQs, Question J.)

More Questions?

Do you have more questions? Find answers in our FAQs or email us at



What I found particularly valuable was marketing lessons and learning how to confidently converse with clients, both established and potential, and feeling confident in showing clients the benefits of hiring me.

~ Barbara O'Halloran Smith

The lessons and exercises offered in the 100 Days to Launch Your Practice course are relevant, meaningful, and provide actionable steps to realize my aspirations of doing health advocacy work for elders. The guidance, wisdom, support and lessons from the real world provide useful tools to launch this dream into reality. Many "aha" moments came during the reading and listening.

~ Theresa Bessette

Every lesson provided was very valuable! I found the lessons on finances, developing your pricing, and insurance to be the most helpful because these were areas that were very confusing and intimidating to me.

~ Lorraine Swedberg

Curriculum / Agenda

100 Days to Launch Your Practice

(Curriculum is subject to adjustment as necessary to accommodate student needs during the course.)

Week 1Intro to each other, and intro to this course, plus an overview of an advocacy business.

Includes Live Meeting #1
Week 2Goal setting, services reviews, business formation, choosing a good name for your practice, early decision-making, and a review of certification.
Week 3Finances (budgeting, cashflow, and capitalization) and advocacy ethics
Week 4Pricing your services, working with subcontractors, and use of online tools

Includes Live Meeting #2
Week 5Legal considerations, contracts, HIPAA and advocacy, insurance for your business
Week 6Basics of client acquisition: intro to marketing, creating your niche, choosing target audiences, messaging, and development of your USP
Week 7Marketing best practices, building your narrative, and overcoming objections
Week 8Branding, marketing tactics, measurement, and intro to use of the web for advocates
Week 9Website Week! We’ll walk through a website build, discuss important components, some “how to”, and review the importance and implementation of SEO (search engine optimization)

Includes Live Meeting #3
Week 10More use of the web: blogging, social media
Week 11More use of the web: email list development, and creating a newsletter
Week 12More on marketing: public speaking and public relations
Week 13Advocacy best practices and standards, and client workflow management (from phone acquisition to contracts, invoicing, collection, client intake)
Week 14Wrap Up

Includes Live Meeting #4


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