Is Independent Advocacy Right for You?

An Invitation to Help You Decide


The fact that you have linked to this page shows that you may be considering becoming an independent advocate or care manager.

Thing is – you have certain questions that will help you make the decision and you just aren’t SURE yet. Not quite yet.

So we have an invitation for you – in hopes it will help you make up your mind!


We invite you to find the answers to your questions through a series called:

Is Independent Advocacy Right for Me?

It’s a series for those who MIGHT want to be private, independent advocates, or care managers, but just can’t decide. The series is delivered as podcasts with supporting articles, information, and links.

Topics: We provide answers to these questions (and others) for you:
  • Podcast #1: What Does a Patient Advocate Do? How do advocates assist patients? How do they “fit” into the healthcare system? How much of their work is medical?man listening to podcast
  • Podcast #2:  Making a Living as an Independent Advocate How much money does an advocate make? How much do advocates charge? Can I make a living as an advocate?
  • Podcast #3:  What Background and Credentials Do I Need to Be an Advocate?  Do I need to be a nurse or a doctor? Do I need a degree or certificate? Do I need to be licensed or certified?
  • Podcast #4: How Do Patients Know to Hire Me? How do I tell them? How do they get my phone number or email address? Can I just wait by my phone for it to ring?
  • Podcast #5: Are There Jobs for Independent Advocates?  Being an independent advocate looks like hard work. It would be much easier just to get someone to hire me to do the advocacy I want to do. So how can I get a job as a patient advocate? Or how can I get reimbursement for the work I do?
  • Bonus Podcast: What Questions Haven’t I Asked? We’ve answered the basic considerations we’re asked about by those considering advocacy, but there are many others, just as important, that maybe-someday advocates don’t think to ask. We’ll look at those questions here.

This is high quality, possibly life-changing and life enhancing, meaty information. The podcasts last from 7 to 10 minutes each. Each one is accompanied by a transcript of the podcast, plus additional links to more information. 

How can you listen to these podcasts and their resources?

If you are already a member of APHA:
then all podcasts are available at the membership site. Simply log in to your Dashboard, then click on this link in the Just Getting Started with Advocacy Center. You’ll find all podcasts ready for you to download.

If you aren’t yet a member of APHA, then you have three options:


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Purchase the Podcast Series

All six of the podcasts will
be delivered to you.

The first one will arrive immediately and the second one will follow within an hour. Subsequent podcasts plus their lists of resources will arrive every other day until all have been delivered (8-9 days total.)

Purchase the Series*


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Listen to the First Podcast

A sample! 
See if you like what you hear and if we have answered the questions we claim to answer. If so, we’ll invite you to choose either of the other two options.

Listen Here

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*But wait! There’s more! 

(Sorry – couldn’t help it…)

If you purchase the podcast series, and then join the Alliance, we will refund the cost of the podcasts. We invite you to join APHA as either a PACE or Premium member – whichever you prefer. As long as you join within 30 days of your podcast purchase, your money will be refunded as soon as the membership payment is completed.

So this is it!

Your chance to get your questions answered, to help you make up your mind about whether you’re ready to take the leap into independent advocacy.

Get started now!

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