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(Updated January 2021)

If you have a product or service you think would be of interest to private, independent patient advocates and caregivers, consider advertising through us.

With 600+ members, plus regular outreach to a master list of 7,000+ interested individuals, your advertising budget will be well spent on this targeted group of health and patient advocates, care managers, and those who are interested in building private, independent practices.

This group of individuals is poised and eager to hear from you if you represent:

  • An education organization: colleges, universities, any educational programming for advocacy and care management
  • A professional organization: in areas ranging from advocacy organizations, to senior or elder care, cancer care, health insurance-related, and others
  • A professional service for business building, such as mentoring, coaching, other business-building support
  • A vendor needed by independent, private advocates and care managers (and their clients) such as:
    • professional liability, errors & omissions, or business insurance
    • health insurance
    • online applications and organization tools
    • financial and bookkeeping
    • web development
    • other professional services


The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates web properties and email outreach is comprised of 12 different websites and 5 or more push events per month (newsletters.) Our advertising offerings are available for two of them.

Pricing varies according to pageviews and email frequency.

Our most current pricing can be found here.

Our calendar of availability (for newsletter advertising) can be found here.

Join Us!

We will be pleased to help you reach our passionate audience with information they need.

You’ll find our phone contact information on the pricing sheet mentioned above. Or feel free to email us at:

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