The History of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

(Updated January 2022)

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates was established in its first iteration in 2009 after its founder, Trisha Torrey, discovered how daunting the health system can be, from both a medical and a financial standpoint.  Her resulting work as Every Patient’s Advocate has become well-known and respected for her patient-centric advice, helping patients take the responsibility necessary, including finding the right resources, to get the healthcare they deserve.

Trisha Torrey
Trisha Torrey

But sometimes that responsibility needs to be guided by, or shared with someone else; someone who understands the nuances and potential pitfalls of the system.  An advocate, navigator, or care manager — an objective professional who has spent time tackling the challenges and problems that crop up as we patients seek the care we need, and who can make that path easier for those patients and caregivers who need help.

The real problem is that the assistance needed by patients and caregivers is difficult to find. Too few advocates exist to help too many patients.

original APHA website image
This is APHAs original homepage <br >Weve come a long way

Recognizing that fact, and having consulted with hundreds of patients and advocates, Trisha began development of the AdvoConnection Directory in 2007 to help patients and caregivers find advocates in their area to help them. Development of the directory was then supported by creation of the AdvoConnection membership organization in early 2010, renamed The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates in 2012.

Today the Alliance boasts more than 500 members from across the globe. It has grown exponentially from its 30 founding members.

In 2020, after a year-long 10 Year celebration, we undertook a major overhaul of all APHA related websites, updated our logo, and set our path forward, as we continue to serve the advocates who serve patients and families who need them.

The value of APHA, the reason so many advocates choose membership, is that it provides an extensive library of resources to help advocates, and those who wish to become advocates, find the information they need to be the advocates they want to be. From business and marketing support, to supporting the client service needs of advocates, to promoting certification to its members and the general public, APHA is committed to furthering the career and its benefits to both patients and professionals.

If you are an advocate, or wish to be one, we hope you will consider joining APHA. If you wish to find good resources to help you become a health or patient advocate, you can do so here.

If you are a patient or caregiver, we hope you will search for the right advocate to help you in the AdvoConnection Directory.

If you represent media, we invite you to contact us. We can provide information about advocacy as a profession, its history, and help you make direct contact with advocates in your area.

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, and its associated websites including the AdvoConnection Directory, are all activities of DiagKNOWsis Media, providing education and assistance to patients and their advocates since 2005.

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