Liability Insurance for Health and Patient Advocates and Care Managers


We are often asked whether health and patient advocates, navigators, or care managers need liability insurance. And if so, where can they get that insurance?

The simple answer is yes, all practicing advocates do need liability insurance to protect themselves and their practices. This is a practical matter; any smart business person knows to protect him or herself.

There are several types of insurance available. We help our members choose the right type of insurance for themselves. Specifically we help you choose from among professional liability, errors & omissions, and BOP (business owners policy.)

The APHA Membership Site hosts an “Insurance for Your Practice” Center where we offer a professional insurance advisor, plus a variety of tools to help you learn about insurances, and choose the appropriate insurance for your practice.

All members, whether PACE or Premium, have access to general information which includes a list of questions to ask a potential insurer, and a list of terms used to help better understand the choice being made.

Premium and Premium +ADL members also have access to our current list of insurance carriers / providers, along with pricing, and contact information. This is an important benefit of membership, because if you are trying to find carriers on your own, it can be a daunting task. Only about ten companies in the United States offer coverage for independent advocates.

Learn more about APHA memberships. We hope you will join us!

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