Whether you have been in practice for many years, or you’re just getting started and wish to learn more about independent* professional patient advocacy, navigation, or care management as a career, we will welcome you as a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

As the premier support organization for independent* patient / health advocacy and care management professionals in the United States and Canada, APHA provides the education, support, and resources you need to help you get started, then grow your practice and thrive.


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Great!  You’re here just in time for our Winter Extended Membership sale! 

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Join us! Let us support your knowledge and resource needs for:

  • Legal Needs (contracts, business formation, forms)
  • Insurance for your practice (liability, errors & omissions)
  • Financial (from bookkeeping to pricing your services)
  • Marketing (websites, brochures, PR, social media and more)
  • Client Acquisition (moving from discussion to contract)
  • Education (choosing programs)
  • Networking / Discussion Forum (robust conversations with other advocates)
  • Technology (applications, management)
  • Diagnostic, treatment, and care resources for clients.
  • Access to experts on every topic through live calls, webinars, and podcasts.
  • And much more!

Learn about APHA Membership


Find our members in theAdvoConnection Directory logoof Professional, Independent
Patient Advocates, Health Advocates,
Navigators, and Care Professionals


 APHA members are
  Health Care
and Cost Management

 Health and Patient Advocates
Health and Patient Navigators
Medical Bill Reviewers & Negotiators
Insurance Claims Specialists
Case Managers
Care Managers
Care Coordinators
Elder Care Professionals
Health Insurance Advisors
Healthcare Related Mediators
Disability and Legal Advisors
Patient Navigators
Guardians or Conservators
Nursing Home Advisors
Health and Fitness Coaches

… and many more independent health system advisors.

Learn why they are so interested in being members of APHA.


Learn about APHA Membership


An independent, professional advocate's allegiance, advice, and assistance are focused solely on the wants and needs of patient-clients and families who hire them, unlike hospital, pharmaceutical, or insurance company advocates whose organizations have vested interests in profiting from patient care.(This is called the Allegiance Factor.)

Read this overview of the profession of patient advocacy.