Meet this APHA Speaker:

Teri Dreher

North Shore Patient Advocates

Libertyville, IL


Teri Dreher

Sample Topics:
    • Tips to Improve Your Next Doctor’s Visit
    • What is a patient health advocate or navigator?
    • Seven “Must-Ask-Questions” When Choosing a Patient Advocate
    • Elder Orphans: Who are they and what unique challenges do they face?
    • Senior Health Scams
    • End of Life Issues: How to have “the talk”
    • Is Your Loved One Aging in Place Safely?

Fees are negotiable.cover image - Patient Advocacy Matters

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Powerpoint program, 45 minutes

Image - bookOver twenty additional topics are available at request. These presentations are story rich, supported by powerpoint slide decks with additional resources available to each audience. My goal of teaching is to teach, empower and help families avoid needless calamity when dealing with the US healthcare system and the many emotionally charged issues surrounding declining health. Most of my CEU programs are presented to RN’s and SW’s in care management teams at hospitals around the Chicago region and have received excellent reviews. Call for additional information and a speaker sheet.

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