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Nichole Davis

Wayfinder Patient Advocates, LLC.

Cleveland, OH


Sample Topics:
  • Let’s Make a Plan: How to Engage Your Healthcare Team and Strive Toward Improved Health Outcomes
  • Working with an Independent Patient For a Parent – A Guide For Adult Children
  • How to “Game Plan” for Your Doctor’s Visit

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Nichole Davis is a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), public health professional, and a health policy and legislation advocate. She serves as Founder, President, and Chief Advocate of Wayfinder Patient Advocates, LLC.

With an extensive background in public health and health system leadership, Nichole knows first-hand the importance of informative and impactful communication.

From chronically ill pediatric patient to becoming one of the youngest advocates to receive the prestigious BCPA credential to date, her commitment to patient advocacy and empowerment shines through and allows her to authentically engage an audience from various walks of life.

Her mission is simple: provide clients the education, tools, resources, and support that they need to take back their power as a patient and find their voice in conversations about their health.

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