Meet this APHA Speaker:

Jeanne V. Friedman BSN,RN,CLT-LANA,BCPA

The Educated Patient, LLC

New York, NY



Jeanne V. Friedman

Sample Topics:
  • Our Health Care System, Health & Healing with Humor!
  • Staying Safer In the Health Care System
  • Individuality In Health: Different Paths To Optimal Wellness

When the health care maze can be broken down into manageable units it helps to decrease our anxiety and increase our sense of control. And … most of us prefer control to chaos!

40 years as a registered nurse and advocate, Jeanne feels that it is essential to provide insider knowledge to successfully navigate the system, stay safe, obtain better health and health care, and that humor can help us to reach these goals.

A little (or a lot) of laughter can help your group to heighten their takeaway from a variety of topics. I seek to provide information to promote confident and informed choices, empower my audiences and reduce stress levels.

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