What Is the Difference Between APHA and NAHAC?

While both organizations serve the profession of health advocacy, they have different missions, and can help you in different ways.

Many advocates join both organizations to optimize their chances for establishing a successful, independent practice.

NAHAC is the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, and is open to anyone with an interest in health advocacy.

  • NAHAC is focused on advocacy expertise itself:  the standards for health advocates, such as the advocacy services needed by clients, best practices, ethics – all aspects of advocacy and advocacy skill enhancement.
  • NAHAC does not provide any form of advocacy certification that is nationally recognized*.
  • Join NAHAC if you are interested in the standards of health advocacy and policy changes.


 *Important Note about Certification:

Neither organization offers any form of certification or credentialing that is nationally recognized.
APHA supports the work of the Patient Advocate Certification Board

Learn more about patient advocacy certification.

APHA is the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and is open to anyone with an interest in private, independent health and patient advocacy and care management.

  • APHA is focused on supporting independent (private) advocacy and care management professional practice:
  • It helps health advocates build their businesses (practices) by providing assistance with business planning, insurance and legal questions, marketing, networking, business tools, educational opportunities, and other business-building advice specifically focused on starting and growing an advocacy practice.
  • It supports the advocacy knowledge needs of members – the advocacy expertise itself, including standards and ethics, resources for client care and cost, and current knowledge as the healthcare system and laws change.
  • APHA does not provide any form of advocacy certification. It supports the work of the Patient Advocate Certification Board.*
  • Join APHA if you need help establishing or building your health advocacy business, want to be listed in the public AdvoConnection Directory (so patients and caregivers can find you)  or want to explore the possibility of becoming a health or patient advocate or navigator.

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