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APHA Expert Call-ins and Webinars:
RSVP for Non-Members

If you are a member of APHA, do NOT RSVP here.
Find your own RSVP page here. Be sure you are logged into your membership dashboard to RSVP.

From time to time (3-4 times each year), APHA invites non-members to attend one of our expert call-ins. To participate, you must register ahead of time.

We hope you like what you hear!

  • Register below to attend one of our upcoming calls. You will receive a confirmation email which you must complete by clicking on the link to confirm your registration.
  • Questions for our experts must be submitted at least five days in advance.
  • Registration closes 3 hours prior to the call. (If you register later, you may not receive call details including dial in numbers.)
  • Please note: CEs are not available to non-members for Expert Call-ins. (CEs are available to members. Why don’t you join us!)

Please type carefully! If your email address is incorrect, we will not correct it,
and you will not receive the call in/ dial in details.

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