It was a pleasure to meet you at the

RNPA Marketing Session!

Here are some resources you may find of interest:

  • A master list of resources to help you start and grow a practice, including access to the The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates membership website, the Health Advocate Career Series (books), and the AdvoConnection Directory.
  • Sign up for notices about advocacy, APHA, and PracticeUP! Online.

An offer for you:

If you are not currently a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA), we would love to have you join us!  Learn more about our memberships here:

Join APHA by October 15, 2020 and receive either:

  • $50 off a one-year Premium membership (all RNPAs receive a $30 discount in their first year. This offer takes off an additional $20 for a total of $50.)
  • If you are already an APHA member, we will add one month to your membership by request.

If you would like to join using one of these discounts, contact me for details.

If you have questions or need resources not provided here, please feel free to shoot me an email:

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