Your Advocacy / Care Management Practice During a Pandemic

Crisis Conversations: A podcast series focusing on services and business management during the coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis


  (1) Providing Advocacy CARE Services During a Pandemic

Join six currently practicing advocates (find them below) as they discuss:

  • Providing services while staying safe
  • Anticipating client needs in a fast-changing medical and living environment / dealing with unanticipated consequences
  • Working with patients in nursing homes / assisted living centers
  • Hospital care when patients are alone / thinking differently about advance directives
  • Tools to use to provide services
  • Volunteering – do you? don’t you?

Resources mentioned during this podcast:

• Best Practice:  Steps to help you approach a unique circumstance or challenge (as shared by Claudia Cometa)

    1. Define the problem and categorize it. (medical? system? others)
    2. Research existing resources (online?  community? others)
    3. Find an expert to help you. Ask others for expert names and contact info if you don’t know one.
    4. Discuss in the discussion forum. (ask questions, or ask if someone knows an expert)

The Village-to-Village Network (mentioned by Linda Beck)
Villages are peer-led organizations that support the independence of older adults living in their own homes by providing services like transportation, shopping and home maintenance. Villages combat the loneliness and isolation that affected so many older adults even before people were asked to stay home. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Villages are keeping their members connected through phone trees and on-line events as well as keeping them informed about resources for groceries, medications and other essentials. Advocates benefit from knowing about their local Village as a resource for older adult clients and as a source of potential clients.

•  Course:  Minding Wellness (offered by Claudia Cometa) (We’re sorry. The discount code expired April 15, 2020)

Meet our Experts


AnnMarie McIlwain, Patient Advocators

AnnMarie McIlwain
Patient Advocators


Claudia Cometa, Peace Advocacy Group

Claudia Cometa
Peace Advocacy Group

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