Find more APHA members in the news.
"How To Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate" featured on AARP's Senior Planet. APHA Co-Director Dena Feingold chimes in on Healthcare Advocacy 101.

Nicole T. Rochester, MD, of Your GPS Doc, was featured in an article/interview about a maternal leave equity initiative she is co-leading in Maryland.

ICYMI - Fireside: Reducing Healthcare Cost in America: Possible? Sidebar with Judge Winslow hosted by Dan Winslow with guest, APHA Co-Director Deb Gordon. The pair discussed how increasing information and choice seems to be a proven winner in driving down prices in the economy generally and how does (or can?) this concept apply to healthcare costs.

Elisabeth Schuler, APHA member, recorded a podcast for the Moss Reports with Dr. Moss. Patient Navigation with Elisabeth Schuler featured APHA member Chris Van Haren, and the AdvoConnection Directory, in its piece Diagnosed with Debt: Many Americans face financial hardships from crushing unpaid medical bills
Annette Ticoras, APHA member, was featured in's article Is It Time to See a New Doctor? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself
APHA member Gayle Byck was interviewed for Marshall Allen's article: The Baby Survived. But the Mom Almost Had a Heart Attack When She Got the Hospital Bill. quoted APHA member Annette Ticoras for its article, 4 Things to Do When a Doctor Doesn't Take Your Health Concern Seriously
The AdvoConnection Directory was featured in the NY Times, Need Help in a Hospital? Call a Patient Advocate
Ailene Gerhardt, APHA member, was quote in the FiftyPlus Advocate's piece Navigating the challenges of aging alone.
From Forbes:  In 2022, Here’s How Experts Say You Should Approach Your Healthcare features APHA members Karen Curtiss and Ron Shinkman.
New 'No Surprises Act' won't wipe away all unexpected medical charges was broadcast on NBC TMJ 4 in Milwaukee, including APHA member Christine Van Haren.
APHA member Cynthia Johnson was featured in Palm Springs Life article, Plan for the Care You Want.
Daily North Shore from JWC Media published an article about APHA member Karen Curtiss, entitled Aye Aye Karen Curtiss
Healthline's Asthma Center published What Do Asthma Patient Advocacy Groups Do? and featured The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.
Patient owes thousands for COVID-19 treatment was broadcast on News 4 Nashville (TN) featuring APHA member, Martine Brousse.
APHA member Nancy Ruffner was featured in ABC 11 (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, NC) A third of NC nursing homes report staff shortages as pandemic enters third year.
History and Trends in the Field of Healthcare Advocacy, written by APHA member, Elisabeth Schuler, and published by the CSA Journal includes mentions of many APHA members, advocacy leaders, organizations, and an excellent overview of advocacy. featured APHA member Cindi Gatton in its coverage Which Health Coverage Gives Patients The Worst Bills?
Trisha Torrey, Elisabeth Schuler, and Nicole Broadhurst were quoted in (Free!) Experts Can Help You Find the Best Health Insurance for You by Firstly.
AdvoConnection was mentioned by in an article, Your out-of-pocket health care cost need not be a mystery..
APHA member Chris Van Haren was cited in an article by WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee Patient advocate weighs in on federal legislation aimed to address surprise medical bills.
APHA member Nicole Rochester, MD was quoted in How to Pick a Good Doctor, published by The Grio and Yahoo News.
MoneyWise' article, Medical Debt is Different, So Avoid This Common Savings Strategy suggests consumers look for professional help in handling their medical bills and cites The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates' AdvoConnection Directory as a resource for that help.
Ann Marie McIlwain, APHA member, and The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates are featured in Kiplinger's Retirement article, Your Doctor is Retiring. Here's How to Find a New Physician.
APHA member Rachel Westlake is featured in the September issue of Elephants and Tea, Transition from Treatment, a publication for adolescents, young adults, and their loved ones who deal with cancer.
NPR's Morning Edition discussed Same Hospital And Insurer, But The Bill For His 2nd Jaw Procedure Was $24,000 More, and interviewed APHA member, Martine Brousse.
Annette Ticoras, APHA member, was featured in Protect Your Loved Ones from Nursing Home Neglect, in Bottom Line Personal. (pdf)
Two APHA members, Martine Brousse and Prissi Cohen, were quoted in the LA Time's article, Column: Lose your health coverage? Don’t hesitate to haggle with medical providers
NPLB, No Patient Left Behind, published Turning No Into Yes: How to Fight Your Health Insurance Company and Win featuring APHA member, Dena Feingold. published APHA member Claire Thevenot's story, How My Metastatic Cancer Diagnosis Led Me to a Full-Time Career in Patient Advocacy
Mary Daniel, APHA member, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal's article Hospitals Often Charge Uninsured People the Highest Prices, New Data Show
Teri Dreher, APHA member, and The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates were featured in the Digital Journal's artical, Patient Advocate Entrepreneur Training Gets Down to Business
Dena Feingold, APHA member, was interviewed by Authority Magazine ( Women In Wellness: Dena Feingold of Care Alliance Advocacy on the Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing
Kiplinger Magazine and published Great Jobs for Retirees (Become a Patient Advocate in Retirement), featuring Patient Advocators (APHA member AnnMarie McIlwain) and The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.
Elisabeth Schuler, APHA member, was featured in US News & World Report's article Where to Go for Cancer Treatment
APHA Members AnnMarie McIlwain and Linda Michelson were interviewed by Dr. David Blumenthal of the Commonwealth Fund, and podcast as Pro Tips on Fighting the System.
A Patient Advocate Can Help You Get the Medical Care You Need—Here's How to Find One was published by and features APHA member Kim McIlnay.
Nicole Rochester, MD, APHA member, was featured on Baltimore's WYPR (NPR) radio, Working Toward Racial Justice and Understanding
Fox News interviewed Prissi Cohen, APHA member, for its broadcast story, ‘Hollywood Squares’ host Peter Marshall, 95, recalls his battle with COVID-19: ‘I worried I wouldn’t make it’
Best Life Online featured AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA member in its article: Never Do This When You Get a Medical Bill, Experts Warn
APHA member, AnnMarie McIlwain was featured in Business Insider's article, How to spot expensive errors on your medical bill, and when you should ask for an itemized bill. (This article was reviewed by APHA member, Karen Vogel.)
Some doctors' arrests and license violations go undetected, was broadcast by ABC 11 in Raleigh, NC, and quotes APHA member, Nancy Ruffner.
The New York Times featured APHA member, Jan Stone, in it's article, A $22,368 Bill That Dodged and Weaved to Find a Gap in America’s Health System.
Myra Katz, APHA member, was interviewed by Aging Parents Management on the topic of Getting Past the Front Desk with the Help of a Patient Advocate.
The Final Exit Network Winter 2021 magazine edition features APHA member Althea Halchuck and her Surrogate Consultant Program on its cover.
Washington DC's CityBizList interviewed APHA member Dr. Nicole Rochester and Dr. Blair Eig from the Maryland Patient Safety Center
APHA member Bonnie Sheeren appeared on Fox 26 (Houston, TX), How to help protect a loved one in the hospital when you can’t be there
Houston Public Radio included APHA member Bonnie Sheeren in its Town Square Conversation, Remembering the 400000 Lives Lost to COVID And Searching for More Vaccines
APHA Member AnnMarie McIlwain appeared on NBC Los Angeles News, Woman Says Final Goodbye to Father Via iPad, Recommends Finding a Patient Advocate
Good Morning Arizona (TV Channel 3) presented Navigating Health Insurance which interviewed APHA member, Steven Corn.
Battle the Bill, making sure your hospital bill is accurate, featured Martine Brousse, APHA member, and was produced by Lindsay Branson, NBC News 4, Nashville.
APHA Member Cindi Gatton was quoted in The Rise of Telemedicine, published by POZ, media addressing the spectrum of needs of people living with HIV / AIDS.
From Jean Chatzky at NBC News: What my son's heart condition taught me about finance, suggests people hire a professional by "seeking out members of a prominent national association like the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates."
Beth Morgan, APHA member, was quoted in Hospitals charge huge 'trauma' fees to treat people with minor injuries, on CNN Health in collaboration with Kaiser Health News.
APHA members Linda Beck, Barbara Abruzzo, Jacqueline O'Doherty, and Nicole Rochester were all featured in How to be a Healthcare Advocate for Yourself or a Loved One from My North (Northern Michigan).
Consumer Reports published Could Your Medical Bills Make You Sick? featuring The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and its directory,
Global News (Canada) quoted APHA Member Susan Hagar in Ontario doctors, patient advocates say telemedicine spurred by COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay. Susan was further interviewed on this same topic on AM800 Radio CKLW in Toronto.
AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA member, was the featured expert on News 12 (New Jersey) What to do if you get a surprise bill for COVID-19 testing
APHA member, Ruth Linden, was featured in Marketwatch's Did you get bad news from your doctor? Get a second opinion — the right way
ABC 15 in Phoenix, AZ featured APHA member, Karen Mercereau in its story, Valley man fights for coronavirus treatment for his wife
Martine Brousse, APHA member, was featured in Woman's World Magazine's Ask America's Ultimate Experts Help me lower my medical bills! (pdf)
APHA member, Debby Deutch, was quoted in WTMJ NBC Milwaukee's Franklin woman billed for coronavirus-related testing; TMJ4 News gets her charges removed
Consumer Reports published When Your Insurer Drops Your Prescription Drug and cited The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates / AdvoConnection as a resource for professional health advocates.
Patient Advocates: Pathfinders in the Complex World of Medicine published by Silver Century Foundation features several APHA members:  AnnMarie McIlwain, Deidra Kindred, Barbara Abruzzo, and Lisa Berry Blackstock.
Kiplinger's article Great Jobs for Retirees featured AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA member, and APHA itself.
The Painful State Of Patient Reimbursements, published by, quoted APHA members Bonnie Sheeren and Steve Corn.
Claire Thevenot, APHA member was spotlighted in an article published by the Georgia CORE, Patient Advocate Play Significant Role in Cancer Care
Consumer's Checkbook published Patient Advocates, (an overview of the profession and its benefits to patients and families), featuring several APHA members:  Martine Brousse, Adria Goldman Gross, Elisabeth Schuler, Sandy Thigpen, Barbara Abruzzo, and Mary Daniel.
LegalZoom published Managing Medical Debt and How to Avoid It based on advice from APHA member, AnnMarie McIlwain.
WRAL in Raleigh interviewed APHA member Nancy Ruffner for Virus outbreak closes nursing homes to families, inspectors
AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA member, was quoted by the Washington Post in its article, The coronavirus halted elective surgeries. Here’s how they’ll resume in New York.
ABC 11 Eyewitness News (Raleigh Durham, NC) featured APHA member Nancy Ruffner in its broadcast of What to do when your loved one is in a North Carolina nursing home with a COVID-19 outbreak
Teri Dreher, APHA member, contributed to the Chicago Tribune's 7 tips for being a patient advocate for yourself or loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic
From, Naperville, IL:  Seniors Alone Wins Daily Herald Business Ledger Award-Non Profit congratulates APHA member, Teri Dreher.
Jacqueline O'Doherty, APHA member, was featured in's Delayed coronavirus test results are causing chaos in N.J. hospitals. Here’s one family’s wrenching ordeal.
CBC Radio Canada interviewed APHA member Susan Hagar for its All in a Day with Alan Neal program, Changing role of care managers during pandemic
For seniors, the isolation of social distancing can come with devastating health effects, from ABC 11 (Raleigh Durham) interviewed Nancy Ruffner, APHA member.
APHA members Steven Corn and AnnMarie McIlwain were featured in Kaiser Health News' and the LA Times,  Crushed by a hospital bill? Here’s how you can fight for free or low-cost care
CBS46's Better Call Harry (Atlanta, GA) reported Atlanta Medical Center settles patient’s $80K ER bill featuring APHA member Cindi Gatton.
Lisa Berry Blackstock, APHA member, was featured in (San Francisco, CA) NBC Bay Area's feature, The Bill Fighter: How Private Patient Advocates Battle Big Hospital Bills.
The Good Doctor: How Do You Find One? was published by NextAvenue, and featured APHA member, AnnMarie McIlwain.
APHA member TJ Land was featured in Arizona Health & Living Magazine, RN Advocates of West Valley: Nurse advocate provides education, understanding to patients
MarketWatch quoted APHA member Cindi Gatton in its article Want better medical care? It might help to connect with your doctor
Susan McPhail-Taylor, APHA member, was featured in News 6 (Orlando) Over 50% of medical bills are wrong; local patient advocate says
Another option for family caregivers, by APHA member Donna Seibert, MD was published by the Boston Globe.
The Fountain Hills (AZ) Times featured APHA member Janie Dalrymple in its notice, Dalrymple serving as patient advocate, consultant, doula.
APHA member, Debby Deutsch was quoted in the Milwaukee Sentinel and Appleton Post Crescent in their shared article, Without notice, Ascension Health may have shared Wisconsin patients' personal records with Google
‘A second pair of eyes:’ How patient advocates, hospital ombudsmen help navigate health-care maze was published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and features APHA members Julie Wenzinger,  and Dr. Georganne Vartorella in addition to mentioning APHA and the AdvoConnection Directory.
CBS Evening News interviewed Susan Null, APHA member, in Man hit with $650,000 in medical bills gets relief after CBS News Story
Ruth Linden, APHA member, was quoted in BlueRidgeNow's article, How, and why, to get a second opinion
APHA members Linda Michelson and Steven Corn were both quoted in the Vault by EveryIncome in 7 things you need to know about health care
Best Company featured APHA member Gayle Byck in their article 3 Ways to Prepare for Medicare Annual Enrollment 2019
Renae Patterson, APHA member, has been tapped by Babson College's WIN Program (Women Innovating Now) to participate in their entrepreneur's accelerator program. Read more in Refresh Miami.
How to Negotiate a Surprise Medical Bill was published at AARP Online, quoting APHA members Martine Brousse and Adria Gross.
Linda Garvin, APHA member, was published on the website (Center for Advancement in Cancer Education): Helpful Tips on Being Supportive to a Friend or Loved One with Cancer.
The Beryl Institute published its white paper entitled Patient Advocates: Expanding the Landscape of Patient and Family Support, and featured APHA members Barbara Abruzzo, Nicole Broadhurst, Anne Llewellyn, Liisa Ogburn, and Linda Michelson.
Gayle Byck, APHA member, was featured in the Chicago Tribune's article, Column: Preparing for death doesn’t have to be scary, especially when chocolate is involved
APHA member, Steven Corn was featured as an upcoming speaker in the Daily Press (Victorville, CA) Patient advocate to give tips on making the most of your doctor’s visit, Advanced Medical Directives and more
The Paper Gown (ZocDoc) interviewed Linda Beck, APHA member, for their article What to Do When Your Doctor Isn't Calling Back.
A Personal Blog: Excellent Medical Care, Followed By Nasty Letters, which cited Cindi Gatton, APHA member, was published on the WABE website, NPR in Atlanta.
Teri Dreher, APHA member, was awarded recognition as "Fearless Over 50" by The Story Exchange "I'm Just Doing What I Can, One Patient at a Time"
APHA member Nicole Rochester, MD was featured in Authority Magazine's The Future of Healthcare: “The US ranks poorly because minorities and low-income individuals do not have equal access to health care”
Madison-area advocates guide patients through complex health care system, reported by the Wisconsin State Journal, featured APHA member Debby Deutsch.
Georgia Health News quoted APHA Member Cindi Gatton in its Pulse report State gets Anthem to pay disputed bill, still plans hearing on complaints
Grace Cordovano, APHA member, was featured in the Kaiser Health News article Even Doctors Can't Navigate Our 'Broken Health Care System'
Surprise medical bills are the topic of two pieces from News 12 New Jersey, both featuring AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA member.
 • Kane In Your Corner: Protecting yourself from surprise medical bills
•  Kane In Your Corner podcast: Surprise medical billing - listen here
Feds Say Doctors Going Too Far Limiting Pain Pills, broadcast by Wisconsin Public Radio, quoted APHA Member AnnMarie McIlwain.
Unforeseen cancer, unexpected bills: A Georgian’s ordeal, from Georgia Health News, featured APHA member Cindi Gatton.
Health Leaders Media published Happy Patient, Happy Hospital: Increase Patient Engagement with Advocates and Part II:  Empower Patients, Get Paid: Welcoming Advocates in Your Hospital with focus on independent agents and The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.
Linda Beck, APHA member, is featured in Bottom Line's Beware of These Hospice Shortcomings
The Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, MA) published Patient advocates can help with care planning and mentioned AdvoConnection as a resource.
Air Ambulance Costs Soar, Leaving Families With Crushing Debt was broadcast by NBC Bay Area (CA) featuring APHA member Lisa Berry Blackstock.
BottomLine Magazine featured APHA member Belena Butler in its article, Hackers Are Not the Biggest Culprit in Health-Care Data Breaches
Anne Ticoras, MD, and APHA member, was featured in NBC4's (Columbus, OH) Patient advocate: Slowing process down can make medical decisions easier to handle
Two APHA members, Krista Hughes and Diana McKenzie, were featured in Business Alabama's Pioneering Private Patient Advocates
Medical bills plague millennials; these tips may be the cure, published by Fox Business, quotes APHA member Adria Goldman Gross.
Consumer Reports published What to Do When Your Insurer Won't Cover Free Preventive Care which featured APHA member Karen Vogel and Adria Goldman Gross.
Bottom Line Personal featured APHA member Maureen Lamb in its article Fight Your Medical Bills—and Win!
APHA member Julie Pinckney was featured in the Charleston Mercury's article Patient advocacy offers a helping hand through medical difficulty
Gayle Byck, APHA member, was featured in The Paper Gown (from ZocDoc) How to Appeal a Health Insurance Claim Denial.
Several APHA members were quoted in PSQH, Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare's article, Who Is the Patient Advocate? including Debby Deutsch, Jessica Tulloss, Kim McIlnay, Teri Dreher. and Barbara Abruzzo.
KVUE TV in Austin, TX featured APHA member Candace Wenham in its piece called 'A false sense of security' | What you need to know about hospitals posting prices
John Stockman’s Medical Bills Topped $1 Million. What Happened? is an exposé published by the Wall Street Journal featuring APHA member Cindi Gatton who worked with the Stockmans and was able to dissolve all but the Stockman's deductible.
The AdvoConnection Directory is listed in the Indianapolis Business Journal in its article New rule will make hospitals list prices, but what patients pay could differ greatly.
The Triangle Business Journal (NC) quoted APHA member Nancy Ruffner in their cover story, Elder Orphans: Numbers rise as challenges soar
Lisa Berry Blackstock, APHA Member, appeared on The Doctors TV show, addressing two topics: How Patients Can Protect Themselves from Financial Exploitation and Patients Offered Controversial Loans While in The Hospital?
Money Magazine quoted APHA member Linda Adler in its article, A Growing Number of People Are Navigating Retirement Alone. This Woman Is Spearheading a Movement to Change That
Cindi Gatton, member of APHA, was featured in Atlanta's CBS 46 (TV) Better Call Harry: Helicopter bill puts family on financial life support
The source for Bottom Line Personal's article Open-Enrollment Alert: Use New Medicare Advantage Plans To Avoid a Nursing Home was APHA member, Annette Ticoras.
Jacqueline O'Doherty, APHA member, was quoted in Kaiser Health News' article In Days Of Data Galore, Patients Have Trouble Getting Own Medical Records
APHA members Gayle Byck, Nicole Rochester, and Lori Gardner were referenced in the Pfizer blog Get Old post, How Can I Be Better Prepared for my Doctor's Visits?
Two APHA members, Jacqueline O'Doherty, and Lorie Gardner were featured in's article Is your doctor prescribing unneeded medical tests?
KHN (Kaiser Health News) quoted APHA Member Bonnie Sheeren in its Bill of the Month series installation: The $109K Heart Attack Bill Is Down To $332. What About Other Surprise Bills?
Belena Butler, Grace Cordovano, and AnnMarie McIlwain, APHA members, are quoted and featured in this article from US News: What to Do If You Feel the Hospital Is Discharging You Too Soon
APHA members Cindi Gatton, Bonnie Sheeren, and Martine Brousse were featured in Consumer Reports 6 Ways to Fix Mistakes on Your Medical Bills.
Krista Hughes, APHA member, was cited in the Birmingham Business Journal, Birmingham CEO to attend White House meeting on health care.
Three APHA members were cited in this piece from HowStuffWorks called How to Negotiate a Medical Bill. Members include: Karen Vogel, AnnMarie McIlwain,Cindi Gatton, and the AdvoConnection Directory.
The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and APHA Summit vendors Suzanne Fiscella and Karen Curtiss were featured in this Vice News / HBO video about Patient Advocate Certification.
APHA members Karen Vogel, and AnnMarie McIlwain were featured in HBO / Vice News Patient Advocates can save your money - and your life.
From Self Magazine, and article I Have a Rare, Chronic Skin Condition, and I Went to Questionable Lengths Looking for a Cure quotes Gayle Byck, an APHA Member.
Ken Klein, APHA member, is featured in Action 9 News Orlando's Breast Cancer Patient Says Insurer Denied Covered for Approved $7,000 Scan
APHA member Ruth Linden was quoted in Medicare Allies' How to Find a Good Doctor: 18 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Physician.
BottomLine Personal featured APHA member Annette Ticoras in its article entitled, Nursing Homes Are Kicking Patients Out
Teri Dreher, APHA member, was quoted extensively in Authority Magazine's article, Human Touch Is Still Key With The Latest Innovations In Healthcare Technology
Everything You Need to Know About How to Choose a Doctor, published by HealthyWay featured advice from APHA member Ruth Linden.
Glamour Magazine featured APHA Member Ruth Linden in its article How Not to Go Broke at the Doctor's Office.
Amy Stenehjem, APHA member, was published in Huffington Post, I’m A Doctor With Chronic Illness. Here Are 12 Things I Wish People Knew.
Australian online news, The New Daily, featured APHA member Elisabeth Schuler in its article The Australians discovering the United States’ hospitals are a wealth hazard
The Current, broadcast by CBC radio (Toronto, ON) featured APHA member Lorraine Hulley discussing a new PSA test (prostate cancer) and how to work through potential confusing and conflicting health information (find Lorraine's piece at 45 minutes).
APHA member Nancy Ruffner was interviewed on WRAL (Raleigh, NC) radio by fellow advocate and APHA member Liisa Ogburn on What Is a Healthcare Advocate?
Ruth Linden, APHA members, was mentioned in the HealthLine article, The Mysterious World of Health Insurance Claim Denials and in The Penny Hoarder's article, You May Want to Think Twice About Charging Medical Bills. Here Are Options.
Today's Parent featured APHA member, Linda Adler, in How to make sure doctors take your postpartum complications seriously
Krista Hughes, APHA member, was featured in Caring for a loved one? You need a patient advocate, published by Bham Now (Alabama).
APHA member Teri Dreher was recently featured on WGN (Chicago) radio morning business report.
Chris Coffey of NBC5 in Chicago interviewed APHA member Avrom Fox for his report called Patient Questions Insurance Coverage Following Hip Replacement.
Georgia Health News published The High Cost of Surviving Rabies featuring APHA member, Cindi Gatton.
Lending Tree published How to Negotiate Medical Bills, quoting APHA Member, Ruth Linden.
Maureen Lamb, APHA member, was featured in two well-known publications. The Wall Street Journal published How to Handle a Large, Unexpected Medical Bill, and US News published How to Get Help Paying Medical B
How to Ease the Transition to a New Doctor, published by US News, featured APHA Member AnnMarie McIlwain.
The (Suburban Chicago) Daily Herald published APHA member,Teri Dreher's article 7 practical resolutions for a healthier 2018
5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine featured APHA, and APHA Member Judy Lawten in its recent article Who Helps Patients When Medical Bills Pile Up?
APHA Members Suzanne Fiscella was published in KevinMD, The Good Doctor shows us the value of time.
Getting the Most for Your Medicare Dollar was the title of an article written for the San Francisco Bay Times by APHA member R. Ruth Linden.'s article, Why People with Good Health Insurance Go into Medical Debt, quotes Ruth Linden, APHA member.
The San Francisco Bay Times published APHA member Ruth Linden's Primer on How to Shop for Health Insurance on California’s Individual Market during Open Enrollment
Mistakes you never knew you were making at the doctor's office was published by The List and features APHA Member, Ruth Linden.
Ruth Linden, APHA member, stepped into the mental health arena with her advice shared by Tonic called Five Good Reasons to Fire Your Therapist
APHA members Linda Adler and Ken Klein, and the AdvoConnection Directory were featured in Kiplinger's Health care and Insurance, How a Patient Advocate Helps You Navigate the Medical System
Linda Adler and the AdvoConnection Directory were featured in Kiplinger's Health care and Insurance, How a Patient Advocate Helps You Navigate the Medical System
Parents (Online) Magazine shared APHA member Ruth Linden's advice in 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance
Vocation Village quotes APHA members Linda Adler and Jacqueline O'Doherty in its piece on Health and Patient Advocate Career Advice.
The Atlanta Tribune featured APHA member Cindi Gatton in its article In Sickness and In Health:  The Doctor-Patient Relationship
APHA Member Ruth Linden was quoted in Senior Homes article, How to Advocate for Yourself at the Doctor's Office
Fox News Radio featured APHA Members Lisa Berry Blackstock, Martine Brousse, and Prissi Cohen in Healthcare Checkup.
Suzanne Fiscella, APHA member was published on KevinMD: Are Patients Really the Problem?
APHA Member, Bonnie Sheeren was a guest on NPR's Houston Matters in Houston’s Healthcare Industry Weighs In on Senate GOP Healthcare Bill
CTV News (Canada) featured two APHA members, Lorraine Hulley and Susan Hagar in their news piece, Private patient advocates help out - for a price
7 ON YOUR SIDE (Washington DC): Hospital overbilling or undercharging? featured Elisabeth Schuler, APHA Member as it exposed hospital billing errors.
The (Suburban Chicago) Daily Herald published APHA member,Teri Dreher's article 10 ways to prevent medical errors from happening to you
Congratulations to APHA Member Sue Severino and Severino Health Advisors, who received the Small Business Award from their local SCORE chapter. They were featured in SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon honors 6 clients with Small Business Awards.
Adria Goldman Gross, APHA member, was quoted at in their article This Man’s 2-Mile Ambulance Ride Cost $2,700. Is That Normal?
AdvoConnection and APHA were featured on the Capital Pressroom (NY, NPR Radio) Healthy Navigator NY "Choosing a Health Advocate." (Date: May 2, 2017)
The Toronto Globe & Mail featured APHA member Susan Hagar, and APHA itself, in its article Consultants are helping the sick navigate Canada’s health care system.
The Huffington Post interviewed APHA member Ruth Linden for I’m Young and Healthy: Why Do I Need an Advance Healthcare Directive?
APHA Member Bridget Krueger was featured twice in Wisconsin Business News, WisBusiness: KaleidoCare wants to help people through medical dilemmas, and through a podcast interview.
The NY Times Magazine published Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much featuring APHA member Christine Kraft.
Ruth Linden, APHA member, was featured and quoted in Student Loan Hero, Insurance Claim Denied? Here's How You Can Fight It.
APHA Member Teri Dreher was interviewed about leadership and lessons learned on The Entrepreneur Way international radio broadcast.
Kenneth Klein, APHA Member, was featured in Navigating the Medical Billing Process on WLRN, public TV, in Miami, South Florida
CBS12 Investigates:  Cash vs insurance interviewed APHA Member, Kenneth Klein
A Long, Beautiful Life — Here’s What It Will Cost You, found at, quoted APHA member, Ruth Linden.
APHA Member Carol DeVore, MD's company, Amazing Healthcare Consultants, was quoted in Barron's Magazine, The Real Cost of Health Care in Retirement.
Student Loan Hero recognized APHA member Ruth Linden in its recent post, 5 Ways to Manage Medical Debt Without Going Broke
Two APHA members, Susan Hagar and Lorraine Hulley, were featured in The Rise of the Patient Navigator in the Canadian Medical System's website, DemandaPlan.
Grace Cordovano, APHA member, was published on KevinMD:  This new year, a resolution to be grateful to the medical staff
APHA member, Teri Dreher was interviewed on Sarasota (FL) talk radio Health Check
An interview with APHA Member Susan Hagar was featured on CBC Radio, Health care navigators promise patients better treatment... for a price
3rd Act Magazine published APHA member Karen Vogel's article, Navigating Your Health Care: Chart Your Own Course
Ruth Linden, APHA member, was featured in Simple Dollar's What Is a Patient Advocate?
The Spokane Inlander's Empowering Patients featured APHA members April Box and Dianne Walkup in a discussion of the many ways patients need to be smart patients, and why they may need assistance.
CBS46, Atlanta, featured APHA member Cindi Gatton in their story about Medical bill transparency in Georgia and the potential passage of a bill that will help Georgians make more informed medical decisions.
How to Become a Patient Advocate, an article in Job Hero, quoted APHA Member Carol G. Devore, MD
Nancy Ruffner, APHA member was quoted in the Huffington Post, America’s Senior Population Reaches A 50 Million Strong Milestone.
APHA members Rick Pugach and Elisabeth Russell were featured in ABC 7's (Washington DC) investigation, Medical airlifts: Life, death and bankruptcy? which takes on the outrageous costs of air ambulances and the need for advocates to negotiate those bills.
How Do You Want to Die? was featured in Lifezette, and quoted APHA member Ruth Linden.
Inlander Magazine (Washington State) featured April Box, APHA member, in Are You Ready? (Surgery is a challenge, so prepare yourself)
Ruth Linden, APHA member, was quoted in Next Avenue's How to Stand Up for Yourself at the Doctor's Office
The concept of "elder-orphans" was featured by the Chicago Tribune, quoting APHA member Teri Dreher, in Baby boomers have trouble making new friends in retirement, research shows
Cottage/Sansum merger could drive up cost of care published by the Pacific Coast Business Times quoted Lisa Berry Blackstock, APHA member.
APHA Member Teri Dreher was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Elderly with no nearby family to help them need safety net, experts say
APHA Member Ruth Linden is quoted in Daily Worth's How to Get Out From Under Medical Debt 
On demand senior home care via smart phone, published in the East Bay Times, quotes Ruth Linden, APHA member.
Annette Ticoras and Elisabeth Schuler Russell, both members of APHA, were featured in the New York Times, Patient Advocates Help Navigate Health Care
Karen Vogel, APHA Member, appeared in King5's series (Seattle) Buyer Beware: Medical bill nearly tripled
APHA Member, Mary Scroggin-Harris was featured in the article How to Become a Better Healthcare Consumer from Denver's 5289 (Mile High Magazine)
Inlander Weekly of Spokane Washington, presented Where There's a Bill...There's a Way, quoting three APHA members, Karen Vogel, Dianne Walkup, and Robin Shapiro
Martine Brousse, APHA member, was quoted in the Pacific Cost Business Times article, Cost concerns hold up Cottage-Sansum merger
The (California) Marin Magazine's article, Choose Well (Six important tips to help you pick the right medical specialist) featured APHA member Kathy King
APHA Member, Kenneth Klein, was featured in Miami's WLRN:  The Negotiator: He Lowers Medical Bills - and You Can Too
The Huffington Post's article 5 Cities Where Living Alone Ranks Highest For Seniors quoted APHA member, Nancy Ruffner.
Nancy Ruffner, APHA member, was featured in the Examiner's Aging adults in rural locations have countless needs
Cindi Gatton, APHA Member, was featured in CBS 46 Atlanta's Better Call Harry, "Negotiating Expensive Hospital Bills"
Two APHA Members, Nancy Ruffner and Caryn Isaacs, were quoted in Examiner's "How the for-profit and not-for-profit tap retirees skills and expertise"
Radio show “Nurse Talk,” interviewed APHA member Ruth Linden, “What is an Independent Health Advocate?”
Ruth Linden, member of APHA, is quoted in OncLive’s article about social media and insurance coverage disputes.
Celeste Tubman, APHA member, was featured in the Santa Monica Mirror in Meet the Sherpas of the Medical System
APHA member Bonnie Sheeran recognized Healthcare Decisions Day with an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle:  We need to talk. About death.
Caregiver Support-Advice for Moving the Talk to Action quotes Nancy Ruffner, APHA member about the cost to families of providing caregiving services to loved ones
The cost of healthcare can take a huge toll on one's estate, as discussed in How to get families to talk about estate planning issues which featured APHA member Nancy Ruffner
The Orlando Sun Sentinel's article How to sort through your maze of medical bills shines a light on the work of APHA member Kenneth Klein
Nancy Ruffner, APHA member in North Carolina, was quoted in the’s article, Solutions for affordable housing
Tax Deductions for Family Caregivers and Seniors, an article in LovetoKnow, quoted APHA member Nancy Ruffner
Time Magazine quoted APHA member Cindi Gatton in The Hidden Cost of ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills
APHA Member Susan Hagar and her company Nurse On Board are featured in White Coat, Black Art from CBC Radio: When patient advocates are better than doctors
APHA was mentioned in US News & World Report’s article:  When a Free Check-Up Isn’t Really Free
Many members of APHA were interviewed for the Wall Street Journal's article: U.S. Rules Reshape Hospital Admissions - Return-visit rate drops, but change in billing tactics skews numbers (linked with permission)
The Emerging Role of Patient Health Advocates was recently published by Advance Web, and written by APHA member Teri Dreher.
Bonnie Sheeren, APHA member, was a winner in a National Story Contest titled The Best Care,The Lowest Cost: One Idea at a Time sponsored by Strata Decision. Her submission is called Educated Healthcare Consumers? Happier Endings for Urgent Care.  
The Longmont and Boulder Times-Call quoted Judy Lawten, APHA member in their article called Boulder County health care advocates help patients navigate care plans, charges
APHA member, Teri Dreher, was featured in the Chicago Tribune's article: Compassionate connection: Patient advocates help fight through red tape for best care, solutions
Several members of the Alliance, and the AdvoConnection Directory were mentioned in this MSN / Prevention Magazine article:  77 secrets from pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and other health-care insiders, including Jackie O'Doherty, Elisabeth Russell, Teri Dreher, and Dianne Savastano
Nancy Ruffner was included in a list of resources in the Examiner's Resources that relieve Senior loneliness and isolation
Aging Sensitivity Exercises is the topic APHA Member Nancy Ruffner addressed in the Huffington Post: Looking for the Next Billion Dollar Tech Market? Aging Experts Offer 6 Resources to Understand Seniors' Needs
Prevention Magazine published 11 Secrets ER Insiders Know—And You Should, Too quoting Jacqueline O'Doherty, APHA Member.
Ruth Linden, member of APHA, was featured in the San Francisco Bay Times: Ruth Linden Helps Others to Navigate our Nation's Complex Healthcare System
APHA Member Elisabeth Schuler Russell was featured in the LearnVest article: The 411 on Health Care Benefits: 4 Changes You Can Expect for 2016
Martine Brousse, APHA member, was featured in's article: What the New Medical Code Overhaul Means to You
How to keep from being charged for free preventive services  was published in the LA Times and features APHA Member Martine Brousse
Nancy Ruffner, APHA member and President of Navigate NC was featured in the Raleigh News and Observe, Raleigh woman receives wheelchair ramp as part of National Day of Service and Remembrance
APHA Member Martine Brousse was featured in an article published at Fox News:  Switching doctors? 4 expert tips for a smoother search
Fox News featured APHA Member Linda Adler in 3 steps to improve your next doctor’s appointment and help you save
Bonnie Sheeren, APHA member, was featured in Fox News' How to Negotiate Your Medical Bills
Houston, TX based J-Vibe published an overview of APHA Member Bonnie Sheeren's work, Bonnie Sheeren Patient Advocate with Patience
The Columbus (OH) Dispatch published two articles featuring APHA Member Annette Ticoras, MD and APHA: Patients turn to private advocates to navigate medical system and What to ask when hiring a private patient advocate
Member Teri Dreher, and The AdvoConnection Directory were featured in MSN's 16 Secrets Every Nurse Knows (And You Should, Too)
O (Oprah) Magazine featured APHA member Maureen Lamb in the July 2015 issue, How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me, Doc?
APHA members Elisabeth Russell, Dianne Savastano, and Teri Dreher were interviewed and quoted in Prevention Magazine's 14 Secrets Every Health Insurance Company Knows (And You Should, Too)
The Chicago Tribune featured APHA member Teri Dreher in Tips on How to Become a Health Advocate for Yourself & Those You Love
Wisebread's article 7 Ways to Negotiate Medical Bills featured APHA Member Teri Dreher.
The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is featured in this Washington Post story: Check your health records: You may be able to avoid trouble.
Shopping for health care: Patient advocates say do your homework, then haggle, text version of NPR's Impatient, features several APHA members:  Claire Freeman, Martine Brousse and Lisa Berry Blackstock.
The Cottage Country Connection published APHA Member, Jana Bartley's article, HEALTHCARE: Navigation, Education & Advocacy.
APHA member Susan Hagar was interviewed on the Ed Hand radio show AM1310.
Chicago Jewish News featured APHA member Teri Dreher in its article, Healthcare advocate for Jews.
The Independent Practice Nurses Interest Group published The Gift of Pain Relief by APHA member Susan Hagar in their Cottage Country Connection publication.
Susan Hagar, member of APHA, was interviewed by Rogers TV Ottowa and the profession of private advocacy.
Fox News published 3 Crucial Money Questions to Ask Before Surgery, featuring APHA member Martine Brousse
APHA member Linda Adler was quote in When Your Insurer Pulls Your Drug Coverage, published by US News and World Report.
From the Chicago Tribune, Private patient advocates a growing, yet costly, trend in health care featuring APHA members Teri Dreher, Cybele Japczyk, Maryellen Jachimowski, and APHA founder Trisha Torrey
Canada notes the growing trend of private advocates in this piece, The rise of the private patient advocate, from Healthy Debate which quotes APHA members Susan Hagar and Jana Bartley,
Parade Magazine cites "Healthcare Navigator" as one of the "Strangest new careers of 2015".
APHA Members Martine Brousse and Adria Gross were featured in this piece from US News & world Report, Huge Medical Bill? Read this Before Taking It to HR
Shopping for health care: Patient advocates say do your homework, then haggle, text version of NPR's Impatient, features several APHA members:  Claire Freeman, Martine Brousse and Lisa Berry Blackstock
Serious Diagnosis? Start Here, written by APHA member Elisabeth Russell, was published in Women Magazine.
From the LA Times, the AdvoConnection Directory is mentioned in Patient advocates help people deal with doctors, hospitals, insurers
The "new" profession of Patient Advocacy was featured in this article by the AP, and included in media across the country: Finding Your Way With a Patient Navigator
APHA Member Ruth Linden was quoted in two Cure Today articles:  Getting a Second Opinion and An Rx for the System: Gaining Access to Investigational Drugs
Prissi Cohen, APHA member, was featured in LA's Westside People Magazine focusing on her recent appearance on CBS.
The Arizona Republic, in its Living Well insert, featured APHA member Jackie Shore in Enhancing the healthcare experience
CBS LA featured APHA Member Prissi Cohen: Advocates Can Help Patients Correct Medical Billing Mistakes, Coverage Issues
6 Ways to Be Your Own Health Advocate from US News & World Report / NerdWallet quotes APHA member Linda Adler
Sarasota Talk Radio interviewed APHA Member Teri Dreher about the benefits of hiring a patient advocate
Linda Adler, APHA member, was quoted in this article from the Washington Post:  When should I start thinking about hospice care, for myself or a loved one?
APHA Member and moderator of the Medical Billing and Claims Special Interest Group, Maureen Lamb, was quoted in a US News & World Report article, How to Pay Medical Bills You Simply Can't Afford.
BizNOWMagazine featured APHA Member Yvonne Mossberg in their article Healthcare Advocate: An Emerging Market (page 14 - excellent overview of the profession)
Many members of the Alliance are interviewed and mentioned in this article from Arthritis Self Management entitled Patient Advocates for Hire
The Atlanta Journal Constitution features APHA member Cindi Gatton, and quotes from the Alliance:  Patients getting outside advice 
From the University of Wisconsin-Madison:  Alumnus finds passion for patient advocacy after accident, quotes APHA member Cindi Gatton
US News & World Report's article, 3 Financial Reasons You Should Keep Copies of Your Medical Records quoted three Alliance members:  Lisa Berry Blackstock, Linda Adler and Claire Freeman.
Lisa Berry Blackstock was quoted in an article entitled Does My Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment?, published in Nerdwallet, Lifehacker and Everyday Health.
How to Read Your Hospital Bill from US News & World Report features APHA Member Maureen Lamb's advice.
From the WSJ, Where to Turn in a Health-Finance Crisis featured APHA Member Cathy Bowers
Prissi Cohen, APHA member, was featured in a news report at CBS in Los Angeles: Sun Valley Hospital Agrees To Pay $500K After Dumping Mentally-Disabled Homeless Patient
AdvoConnection was mentioned in a story in Lovin' Life After 50 (publication in Arizona) called Navigating Medical Care - Patient Advocates Provide Care and Assistance for Those Who Need Help
APHA Member Amy Simmons was featured in the article Empowering Patients, a patient advocate offers help navigating the health care maze in the Spokane, WA Inlander.
"Please Pay First, More Hospitals Say" from the Columbus Dispatch featured APHA member Elisabeth Russell's recommendations for hospitals that want patients to pay for services up front.
Member Steve Luptak was published twice by the Kansas City Star:  Choosing the right health plan for your family and Thanks to Obamacare, there are many ways to get health coverage
Cindy Hasz from Grace Care, and a member of APHA, was featured in the NY Times article, A Quiet Sea Change in Medicare
Medical tourism was the topic for APHA member Cindi Gatton's latest appearance on Doc Talk.
Nancy Ruffner, APHA member, was quoted by the Business Section of the Raleigh News & Observer in Backstory: Connecting adult children, elderly with health services
The News and Observer quoted APHA member Nancy Ruffner in Small-business owners said mistakes include not firing an employee, thinking too small
APHA Member Cindi Gatton was interviewed in Atlanta by ENT Dr. Gallups Doc Talk:  Crazy medical bills, online healthcare, hair restoration and more.
The Alliance (Ohio) review published an article about member Steve Okey, Ohio Patient Advocates, called
Alliance resident leads charge to maneuver through health care maze
Member Robin Shapiro, Allied Health Advocates, was quoted in a Puget Sound Business Journal article, Niche industry of health advocates continues to grow in Washington, about the first annual meeting of the Washington State Health Advocates Association.
Linda Adler, APHA member and CEO of Pathfinders Medical was featured in an article at MarketWatch called What you’ll really pay for health care was featured in an article in US News & World Report called How to Be an Empowered Patient
Massachusetts advocate and APHA member Karen Balerna was quoted in Go Local Worcester's  Study: Massachusetts Residents Wait Up To 2 Months For New Doctors
Robin Shapiro and Beth Droppert of Allied Health Advocates were interviewed on KKNW Radio (Seattle) discussing what health advocates can do for seniors
Navigating the health-care system from the Canton Rep features APHA member Steve Okey and the Alliance's Director, Trisha Torrey
David Sandhu, APHA member, and his company SoCal Health Advocates, were featured in an article in the Orange County Register:  Patient Advocates, On Your Side.
An article in the Wall Street Journal, How to haggle down your medical bills, featured APHA member Linda Adler.
APHA, NAHAC and many members of both organizations were recently featured in the American Airlines in-flight magazine: A New Breed Navigating Health Care
Elisabeth Russell, APHA member, was featured in two articles:  Working in Retirement - How to Be a Patient Advocate, and Patient Navigators, a Port in the Storm
Allied Health Advocates's Beth Droppert and Robin Shapiro, are featured in both the Puget Sound Business Journal and Taking the patient's side: Hired health advocates help navigate medical bureaucracy
APHA member Linda Garvin, is published Part II of  "How to Be Your Own Health Advocate" in the American Chronic Pain Association's newsletter. (See page 14.)
Julie Harris, APHA member, featured in Akron Beacon Journal: Sisters with nursing background start advocacy firm
APHA member Linda Garvin, is published in the American Chronic Pain Association's newsletter,
"How to Be Your Own Health Advocate".
From the Libertyville News: Libertyville nurse advocates for patients features APHA member Teri Dreher
Fox Business News featured Alan Blaustein of CarePlanners on why the ACA continues to be confusing
Member Mary Harris, Lifelong Wellness, published an article in Colorado Health:  Stem Cell Medicine Can Improve Lives and Reduce U.S. Health Costs
NPR looked at patient advocacy including an interview with Elisabeth Russell
CarePlanners' Alan Blaustein, AdvoConnection member, was featured in New York StartUp Wants to be Your AAA for Healthcare
AdvoConnection member, Mary Harris's article The Evolution of Assisted Living was published by Colorado Health.
The Wall Street Journal wrote about Patient Navigation and featured Elisabeth Russell in Health Navigating Health Care System.
Read about Ken Schueler, and the Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award from the Great Neck News (Your Island Now).
(Learn more about the award here.)
AdvoConnection is cited in an article in SeacoastOnline (Portsmouth, NH) called Patients Are Urged to Advocate for Themselves
Karen Mercereau of RNPatientAdvocates was interviewed by the Arizona Daily Star for
The Business of Health Advocacy
AdvoConnection member Mary Harris’s article “Independent Private Patient Advocates” was published in the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor. quoted AdvoConnection member Elisabeth Russell in its article entitled How to Talk to Your Doctor About What You Find on the Internet
AdvoConnection is mentioned in the May 2012 issue of Health Magazine (Get the Right Diagnosis Every Time - page 20.)
Linda Adler, member of AdvoConnection, published Understanding Patient Advocates and Patient Navigators at the blog, The Doctor Weighs In
Compliance from a Patient's Point of View - written by AdvoConnection member Jacqueline O'Doherty and published in the Journal for Patient Compliance (p. 10)
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette featured 'Health concierges' and other helpers cloud health services quoting AdvoConnection member Elisabeth Russell
Nurse Together featured an article about the career of private patient advocacy written by Debi Quirk, iRNPA and member of AdvoConnection.
Debi Quirk, iRNPA and member of AdvoConnection, wrote about National Patient Safety Week, Medical Mistakes Still Too Common
AdvoConnection featured in Woman's Day Magazine: 6 Things Your Patient Advocate
Wants You to Know
AdvoConnection member, Linda Garvin interviewed regarding a senior who was being denied benefits on KCBS San Francisco.
AdvoConnection announces partnership with CarePlanners
Sharon Gauthier Speaks for Those Who Cannot
Dr. Steven Kussin, AdvoConnection Member,  was featured in a Syracuse Post Standard article about his Shared Decision Making practice
Simone Khan of RN Patient Advocates of Wichita (Kansas) was featured in KWCH's "In Case of Emergency" including an online chat with viewers.
Claudia K. Nichols of Pilot Health Advocates was interviewed about professional patient advocacy on the Call Kira show
(see September 16.)
Mary Aime-Juedes appeared with Boomer and the Babe discussing patient advocacy
on Blog Talk Radio
Amy Cukendall was interviewed by Dale Carter on BlogTalkRadio.
Mary Aime-Juedes, member of AdvoConnection, was interviewed on the Pulse AZ Radio Show.
Ida Schnipper, member of AdvoConnection, was quoted in this Reuter's article:  Shopping for health insurance? 5 tips on how to get it right
Raquel Gabriel-Bennewitz, AdvoConnection member, was featured in Advocates Navigate the Health Care Hurricane in the Chicago Tribune
AdvoConnection Member Amy Cuykendall received the 2011 Leaders in the Law Award
from the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.
Mary Aimé-Juedes, AdvoConnection member, was a featured guess on the
My Money Place radio program.
Member Joanna Smith featured in Marketwatch video, 
When Health System Fails You, Advocates Can Help
Retirees and Health Insurance before Age 65 (US News & World Report) features quote from member Elisabeth Russell
Patient advocates harness the potential of EMRs by AdvoConnection member Jacqueline O’Doherty
Member Elisabeth Russell is featured in MORE Magazine.
Elisabeth Russell is featured in
the Vienna / Oakton, VA Connection.
AdvoConnection members were featured in an article called, Empowering the Patient, published in Modern Healthcare Magazine.
Someone on Your Side — from
O Magazine
includes three of AdvoConnection’s health advocates - Hari Khalsa, Gail Gazelle and Ken Schueler
Amy Cuykendall, Best Patient Advocates, and AdvoConnection legal advisor was named 2010 Young Professional of the Year/ St. Petersburg, FL
Elisabeth Russell, the President of Patient Navigator LLC was quoted in an article published on the AOL "Wallet Pop" column by Tom Barlow, Caught in a Medical Nightmare - A Patient Advocate Might Help
Kathryn Gohman’s work is cited in Scientific American: The Rise of the Empowered Patient
Savvy Smarts: Deriving the Most Benefit from Your Next Medical Appointment (by Linda Garvin)
Ken Schueler featured on Fox News Documentary, Winning the War on Cancer.
Learn how to handle complex and confusing healthcare systems from Jacqueline O’Doherty
Advocates Help Patients Navigate the Healthcare Maze (NPR – featuring AdvoConnection member Dianne Savastano)
Ken Schueler Interviewed
by Dr. Christine Horner
Learn more about these advocates at
If you are a patient advocate or navigator,
learn about
AdvoConnection membership, too.