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APHA / AdvoConnection Badges
Now that you're a member of APHA, why not tell the patient world about it?

We've got badges you can put on your website or in print materials.  You are welcome to use them as you need them, and as long as you are a member in good standing of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

These badges are come in a variety of sizes and feature either APHA or AdvoConnection. 

To get your copies - links are found below.
open the link for the size you need.  Then, from a PC, right click on the badge.  (Or from a Mac, hold down the control key and click on the badge with your mouse). Choose the option that says "Copy" or "Copy Image" -- and you can save it to your hard drive, or paste it into your website or into a publication or document.)
Premium and Directory Only (DO) Members:  choose either - or both:
PACE Members:  APHA Badge Only

PACE Members - since you are not found in the AdvoConnection Directory, you will not want to make the claim you are. Therefore the AdvoConnection Badge should not be used until you are a Premium or Directory Only Listed Member.
AdvoConnection for the web:   APHA for the web:
300 x 180 pixels  72dpi (larger)   300 x 180 pixels  72dpi larger)
150 x 90 pixels   72 dpi (smaller)   150 x 80 pixels   72 dpi (smaller)
AdvoConnection for Business Cards:   APHA for Business Cards:
300 x 136 pixels 300dpi
prints 1" wide and .4" tall  
  300 x 136 pixels 300dpi
prints 1" wide and .4" tall  
AdvoConnection for Printed Materials:   APHA for Printed Materials:
5 in x 3 in  300dpi   5 in x 3 in  300dpi
3 in x 2 in  300 dpi   3 in x 2 in  300 dpi

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