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OH-796 I am a long time chronic pain sufferer. I don’t respond well to most medication. I can’t not get definitive diagnosis, ... [more] I need help finding a new general dr, and getting reasonable treatment and further diagnosis.... [more]

FL-795 My client lives in Broward County and needs a great deal of medical advocacy. She may be better suited to have a local advocate. I’m ... [more] Please contact me if you could assist. 352-354-9841.... [more]

Unknown-794 many things due to 6 years of ghell medical run around vaccine toxicity and now late stage lyme due to negligence family abuse over ... [more] lawsuits and support needed in all areas will specify... [more]

MA-792 Also how to apply for DDS... [more]

NS-791 Figuring out long term care options for my severely disabled father who is currently being treated at rehab in Halifax, NS... [more] Advocating for longer stay in rehab, assisting in decision making for continuing care, assessing current medical state and risks/rewards ... [more]

MI-790 My father is currently in a rehab center. I am looking for someone to help us navigate the system on his behalf. I live in GA and ... [more] Could you manage my father’s help care requests.... [more]

MS-789 ,,,, ,ms8 rolls my life I’m tired of having the hard Tom with doctors It is so much please help me ... [more] I have a mass brain fog not too good at riding alone paragraphs ... [more]

PA-788 My husband Richard is being illegally detained at Norristown State Hospital and they are turning the unit he is on into a prison. ... [more] Approach the hospital and inform them of their mistreatment of him and suggest either discharge to our home or move to Civil building. ... [more]

MI-787 I am going to have a total knee replacement. I expect to be in the hospital overnight. I need someone to see that I get the proper ... [more] Make sure that I am getting the care I need after knee replacement surgery both for the are of the knee and for prevention of blood clots.... [more]

NM-785 Looking for a caregiver familiar with personality disordered behavior who could assist in the home with meal prep, decision making, ... [more] The patient is physically and mentally depleted and needs assistance to care for her children. Family is in compassion fatigue and ... [more]

MB-784 My mother has ongoing issues with her back and pain in her legs and her doctor has not given much assistance in finding the cause,... [more] Find a specialist who can help with diagnosing the issue, and also review her medication or recommend something appropriate for pain ... [more]

PA-783 been diagnosed with m.s. and have been treated for cronic pain since 1993. recently I think the aging office had me sign something ... [more] Help me get my medication corrected so I have some what of a quality of life.... [more]

OR-782 I was in a car accident and injured my left arm, shoulder and neck. Farmer’s Insurance is denying my medical claim. They purport ... [more] I am in need of a legal advocate. I live in Eugene, OR and need someone from here to help me get this claim resolved.... [more]

FL-781 My father, James Clanton, is currently a patient at Promise Hospital of Miami after being found unresponsive five weeks ago. His wife, ... [more] There is a lot of confusion around what is happening with my father and what say we have in it. I live out of state and am unable ... [more]

NS-780 Have been treated for greater than five years with meds that worked. Dr. abruptly stopped and will not write any more. Left with ... [more] New policy that I believe applies to new patients starting on these meds, there are exceptions as well.... [more]

WI-779 This gentleman called our practice in Connecticut. He has had several surgeries and states he need to have yet another one due to ... [more] medical management second opinion evaluate past surgeries and concerns get a new orthopedic physician... [more]

SC-778 Patient’s primary doctor will no longer prescribe prescription pain medications. Having much difficulty in finding pain doctor... [more] where to find the right doctor in the Atlanta area... [more]

OH-777 The patient is a 47 year old with complex medical issues. He is very active and does not have the time to tend to his needs in this ... [more] Scheduling appointments; Gathering med records for appts. ; helping patient to understand options and to achieve compliance. Insure ... [more]

SK-776 Need assistance filing a complaint letter against a former doctor. Also looking to better myself with pain relieving prescriptions ... [more] Would fulfill my wishes and help me to figure out new treatment options. The sooner I find help, the better my life will be.... [more]

NM-775 A fibromyalgia patient, who lost her treating Dr due to him leaving the medical group. Now NO ONE will help manage her pain.... [more] Help receive the level of care she is acustom to.... [more]

CA-774 Medical Billing Advocate help?... Hi… (forgive me.. I have some Aphasia) …in a rush with paperwork last year, I ended-up with no ... [more] Medical Billing Advocate help?... Hi… (forgive me.. I have some Aphasia) …in a rush with paperwork last year, I ended-up with no ... [more]

NH-772 Multiple medical issues ... [more] Need help with medical records and appointments ... [more]

SK-771 The problem that I am having is that I feel like I’m going to end up dying before I get eny right testing done to find whatever ... [more] I think maybe point me to some Dr’s that might be able to help me find out the answers of what’s wrong with me.... [more]

TX-770 I am being billed for services that I was told were paid in full before the procedure. Doctor and his staff knew I was seeing him ... [more] Help me make this go away. I paid all I was supposed to pay before the procedure. All was paid out of pocket. ... [more]

KS-769 My mother has chronic pain and struggles with her weight. She has not been able to get the help she needs. She has been lost in the ... [more] Help my mother manage the complicated and often lengthy referrals and specialist process so that she can get the help she needs to ... [more]

AZ-768 Head and neck cancer, limp nodes have been diagnosed as cancerous. ... [more] Help me deal with emotional and mental stress, as well as physical. ... [more]

MI-767 Looking for a medical advocate to coordinate my mom’s healthcare needs including coordination of care and attending medical appts... [more]

NY-766 I am having an issue between my wife’s insurance company, Aetna, under which I am covered, and my 1199 insurance. Claims are ... [more] Help me understand the best approach to dealing with two insurance companies and getting the reimbursements I am owed. ... [more]

UT-765 I being bills for services my insurance provider would not pay and I never agrees to held accountable ... [more]

TX-764 complaint on a Doctor for problems with my surgery he did.... [more] get someone to help me about my complaint... [more]

WA-762 I need help navigating the upcoming decisions regarding my health care coverage as well as my current decisions.... [more] Helping me solve the above.... [more]

LA-760 Legal assistance ... [more]

ON-759 My folks live in assisted living accommodation in Toronto. As they mobility/hearing and general level of energy is declining, the ... [more] My parents are looking for a local patient advocate to accompany them to medical appointments, check on the status of follow up actions ... [more]

NC-758 Insurance denies to cover surgery as a pre-existing condition... [more] negotiate... [more]

TX-756 Prescription abuse. Mental issues most of my life. Been inpatient ten years but always relasped after twu years or less.... [more] Medicare will not allow me to go outside the plan for treatment even though l have spent almost $300,000 with them sending me there ... [more]

CT-755 Patient has multiple long-term illnesses and has recently been in multiple nursing homes where medications were changed from the specialists ... [more] looking for person who can navigate multiple meds for multiple illnesses so the patient is not sicker than before. Need guidance with ... [more]

MI-753 I live in ann arbor.mi.i go to a methabone clinic in A2 all so.i need clinic is discharging me unfairly .the clinic cant tell ... [more]

OH-752 would like to talk about my case started oct 21st hippa to lost custody of my 3 children due to my past mental state history, involves ... [more] info, research. attorneys, investagations... [more]

NJ-750 I have a sister who is Bipolar , living in New Jersey in Boarding Home. Have been trying x 3years to have her moved to Connections/ ... [more] Find her a facility in Delaware to live. Has New Jersey insurance , but she can be transferred to Delaware insurance. ... [more]

NS-749 My Mother and my Father are both in their late 60s but their health is extremely poor. Neither of them are capable of managing their ... [more] We need a 3rd party, who understand the health care system, the options out there, and what constitutes adequate and inadequate health ... [more]

IN-748 I am looking for an advocate in the Indianapolis to help support my sister-in-law who has depression. She needs help with medicine ... [more] I would think a plan of steps that need to be taken when she is having her worst days. I’m concerned she does not reach out ... [more]

PA-746 A conservator. Legal assistance with ssdi A single woman with no family members to assist. Please contact as soon as possible.... [more] By letting me know what options I have and be willing to assist me. Looking for compassion and understanding. Immediate need. Thank you... [more]

TN-745 I have had right knee replacement and revision in last 3 years. After revision have right ankle bump and chronic tendonitis. Need ... [more] I want to find a physician at Mayo Clinic or similar facility to address both knee and ankle issues.... [more]

Assigned Requests
NJ-739 Father is in assisted living. Need someone to make sure he is getting the care he needs or to advocate if he is not.... [more] monthly contact with patient to see if there are any concerns. help resolve concerns... [more]

CA-737 I live with a chronic health condition and thus need regular care. My medical record contains misinformation that I believe has led ... [more] Talk with me, read my record and notes, help me make a plan, and help me execute it. For example, if I decided to write to my previous ... [more]

KS-696 I’ve been in pain management 11yrs attempting to resolve underlying injuries for 13yrs. PM has erred time & again. the last ... [more] I need an entity who will fight to keep me alive then get proper treatment. A son, a wife I love desperately. Every new day is hell, ... [more]

CO-626 I will send an email directly to the advocate with more specific information. Thank you.... [more] I will send an email directly to the advocate with more specific information. Thank you.... [more]

OR-621 We are a young family with an autistic son that is looking for more of a health-advocate-"handyman" that we can establish a long-term ... [more] We envision an advocate that is readily available and responsive by email to review claims forms, help us define terms, advise us ... [more]

NY-523 Our Nephew was taken to Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico ( 27 year’s old ) with kidney failure and blood clots in ... [more] We have two insurances Blue Cross and Blue Shield ( Out Of State for our nephew ) He also has stae health insurance from New Mexico. ... [more]

NY-521 Pt. has a new appt. with a chief neurologist on Sept 23rd 2015, and needs help conveying his chief complaint and associated symptoms ... [more] Advocate can elicit pt’s needs in a pro ate meeting and then take notes during medical interview, also slow down the pace of ... [more]

NV-511 My Father has many different health problems. Our family needs help understanding how to navigate medicare and finding long-term ... [more] We need someone to help us view the entire situation holistically and navigate medicare for best options for either in home care or ... [more]

VA-475 Problem— as a patient with Leukemia AML in full remission, with no MRD (minimum residual disease), no genetic/chromosomal or ... [more] Conduct research on the relative successes of either of the above choices (specifically involving Vosaroxin and Decitabine) versus ... [more]

OH-371 Brother has brain cancer. Went through 8 weeks of chemo and radiation with good results?? Then pneumonia and on a vent for 8 days. ... [more] We need someone to coordinate all docs and get information and set reasonable goals. Nursing home initially treated him like 95 year ... [more]

CA-323 We have a family member in San Diego in assisted living with reduced capacity to make good decisions. He’s on SS and small retirement. ... [more] Need someone who is very familiar with California Medi-Cal SoC and new MediConnect, etc. program to advise us on best coverage options.... [more]

CA-216 I been diagnosed with gall bladder issues. I also have ptsd around medical treatment and unusual sensitivities to medications. A recent ... [more] I I hope there is a knowledgable, compassionate person who can help me make decisions and be an advocate for me in this process.... [more]

FL-146 Patient needs assistance with claim against insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield for bicycle accident... [more]

VA-120 My mother has been in acute pain for the last 10 years, lives in Florida and is very isolated, she recently tried to commit suicide ... [more] Need to get her help to get her strong enough to travel and get the real scoop on both her medical andphysical conditions... [more]

WA-119 my daughter in spokane, WA has severe gastro-paresis, always nauseated and vomiting, lots of abdonminal pain... [more] since she is young doctors judge her as either crazy or seeking pain meds. she has been so sick for 4 years and about to give up. ... [more]

WA-069 undiagnosed debilitating pain on a muscular/skeletal/nerve level... [more] helping me make and keep doctor's appointments, navigate SSI process, nudging doctors to persist in finding a diagnosis... [more]

CO-065 I was wondering what legal precedent exists, if any, for cases involving a patient wrongly accused of "doctor shopping" or some sort ... [more] Legal ssistance if an option. Also, I need to speak with another doctor in my area who will work with me on a similar medication and/or ... [more]

Unknown-063 My dentist referred me to a out of network surgical dentist, the surgical dentist office did not notify they do not accept my insurance.... [more] what do I do in this situation, the surgical office is telling me they will not accept my insurance, even though my insurance will cover?... [more]

FL-062 Assistance is reviewing medical data & seeking best malpractice attorney for my needs... [more] become familiar with 5 year hx of multiple misdiagnoses, hippa violations, Rx errors, current disorders (due to wrong meds) of reactive ... [more]

KS-058 My Dad has been diagnosed with leukemia. He's in KS. I'm in CA. My mom is in shock. I want to know if he's getting the proper ... [more] Perhaps someone familiar with leukemia can review all the test data, ask for more info if necessary, and offer an opinion.... [more]

FL-056 My friend Susan reached the coverage gap with Medicare D. She needs help right away obtaining Plavix and cardizem la til January. ... [more] Susan needs someone who knows of resources where she can get free or low cost drugs for the rest of the year and someone who can assist ... [more]

CA-049 The above patient has passed. The issue is very sensitive. Her daughter is also a well qualified nurse. However, her daughter has ... [more] I am not sure what direction to take. Privacy issues and understanding of mom's situation were compromised. It is an ethics and possible ... [more]

FL-046 I called Non-profit Patient Assistance for a week. So busy, councilor makes one attempt and since we were on the phone she gave up. ... [more] Medicaid denied. Help with appeal? Biopsy results this week or next then should have Dr letter for SSDI. We spent bill and food ... [more]

IN-044 I moved to California three years ago. I have a mother in Northern Indiana (Munster) and in the last few days there is a significant ... [more] We need someone who can step in to advise us because we are out of town.... [more]

IL-039 Do you know of a medical advocate in the State of Illinois?... [more] I need to know my rights as a patient.... [more]

WA-021 travel ins. co. csa denies claim for cancelation due to vertigo attack.dr.explained treatment bot ins. co. is not honoring it.... [more] need help with fighting insurance company... [more]

Completed Requests
NJ-793My mom is in a rehab and has slight dementia. We are planned no to put her in a nursing home but would like to know all the options... [more] What is possible through Medicaid. We will be applying. What is the best thing to do. Go home or be in a nursing home. ... [more]

NJ-786My teeth are deteriorating due to previous poor dentistry. I have visited several Phrostidontists in the area and I am very confused ... [more] I need someone to check in with about the initial treatment plan and then to be available as treatment progresses to make sure it ... [more]

AK-751need someone in Alaska... [more] Figure my insurance benefits with 2 insurance policies ... [more]

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