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New Requests (in the past 30 days)
PA-706 Bring patient home to PA from Washington DC area and arrange for in home rehab services. Patient suffered stroke after surgery.... [more] Help arrange transportation, help equip home, arrange for rehab services... [more]

CA-705 billed incorrectly... [more] help navigate through medicare after patient died... [more]

CA-704 I have had outstanding medical problems that are not being addressed by my healthcare group. I have asked for the surgeries and they ... [more] I would like help navigating how to get the results I am after. My life has changed since 2005 when I was first injured. Since then, ... [more]

UT-703 I am looking for someone to guide me through making an appeal for a surgery that my husband is in desperate need of. The insurance ... [more] Walk me through the process and make sure that we have done everything we need to do to have a chance for the surgery to be approved. ... [more]

NV-702 I am having problems with the Drs. I am seeing for a severe back problem they just want to put a bandaid on it and I think I need surgery... [more] I have a hard time confronting the Drs. forcefully and I need someone to do my talking for me.... [more]

IL-701 Need help appealing initial denial of medically necessary surgical procedure... [more] Coordinating appeal process so that surgery is approved and quality of life is improved asap... [more]

FL-700 Tooth extraction vs. root canal.... [more] Tooth extraction vs. root canal choice.... [more]

NH-699 I need an advocate near Duham NH to help with the issues above. My best friend in now in Hospice and she has nothing terminal. The ... [more] Get her good medical care so she can resume her life. ... [more]

CA-698 finding treatment for my daughter diagnosed with schizophrenia. Help with her mother, my ex-wife who is in denial about my daughters ... [more] they can help by finding the right resources for us in our home town. The patient lives in Visalia, CA which is in the Central Valley of CA... [more]

Unfilled Requests (still needing assistance)
MA-695 Since I had a complete shoulder replacement in August 2015, I have had severe pain in my neck, shoulder,arm and hand. My hand is partially ... [more] What I need most is An attorney to help me get the money I need for previous medical expenses and on going treatments.... [more]

ID-694 need advocate to help daughter with newborn baby as she is being bullied and played by the system- Child welfare for "presumptive" ... [more] give us advice and help in dealing with the professionals... [more]

KY-693 My wife doctor has left the profession. And she can’t find a dr. She is on methadone for kronic pain. But the medication is ... [more] Help me find a dr please.... [more]

TX-692 I have no idea where to start. I’ve been kicked to curb by orthopedic dr. Have bulging messed up disks in lower back. Have two ... [more] I have been diagnosed via MRI with bad back n bulging disk. Herniations. As well as 2 bad knees. I have no insurance 2 MRI 4/2015 ... [more]

WV-691 I’m not completely satisfied with my husband’s care and not sure if it’s adequate or I need to go somewhere else.... [more] I need advice on if my husband is getting correct answers or if I need to go elsewhere. He first had a heart attack then stroke. Catharization ... [more]

NJ-690 hospital - treatment for bedsores poor communications with staff and patient and family- medication pblms... [more] help solve communication pblms w/staff and family and the staff with doctor affecting patient’s health. ... [more]

ON-689 Doctor will not refer me to a fracture clinic or anywhere for a second opinion. Bone scan indicates 4 acute fractures of left pelvis. ... [more] Referral to a fracture clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.... [more]

CA-688 I am currently being seen by several physicians & no one is communicating and no solid answers. I need assistance at this point.... [more] I need someone to help me have my Dr.s communicate, get the tests I need with solid answers and diagnosis. My health is detoriating ... [more]

NY-687 I was harmed by a dr and then blacklisted. I can prove the abuse. I need help with reasonable medical care. I am suffering... [more] looking for help . ... [more]

NY-686 After a septoplasty/turbinectomy gone horribly awry, my nasal valves have completely collapsed bilaterally. I have a thin, perforated ... [more] I have been to 10 doctors, who cannot operate on me due to the complexity of my situation. I am in desperate straits to find an advocate ... [more]

AB-685 I broke my back in Hawaii when a wave sucked me under and flipped my body, depositing me on the beach. I was flown from the big island ... [more] I need help negotiating a lower price on my medical bills incurred in the US. The bill stands at $230 thousand US or $300 thousand + CAN. ... [more]

GA-684 ALL V’d Boxes above. I NEED to see heart MD and waiting too long for the referral to get "OK" ! I need HELP ... [more] PLEASE SEE BOX ABOVE ... [more]

NY-683 had a heart attack. did not know my insurance was cancelled got bill from staten island hospital for 90,000 bucks. along with ... [more] look over all bills and make sure what they are asking for is legitimate. i can not afford to pay this but would be willing to pay ... [more]

MT-682 I was at a treatment facility in florida last month. When I left I thought my insurance was canceled so I was self pay. When I returned ... [more] How can I get treatment facility to send me an itemized receipt for services that have been paid? How HIPAA works and if I revoked ... [more]

IN-681 My daughter went to an outdoor program years ago that I took out a loan to pay for it. I had spoken to the insurance company several ... [more] I have been paying on this loan for years. I know find myself with health issues. I am no longer teaching and am on disability. I’m ... [more]

PA-680 cancer care options... [more] I need a specialist in cancer care... [more]

NJ-679 Reviewing medical records to locate medical error. I have all my records, and films. I need help in understanding some, and someone ... [more] See above.... [more]

WA-678 Communication lacking within Bellingham Wa medical community with me...I am chronically ill with several severe medical issues including ... [more] find an md who is willing and able to treat me with respect and communicate with all my specialists i.e. cardio, rheumat., health ... [more]

WA-676 Currently looking for psychiatric services for my fiance and have been unable to find providers or adequate care in area. Has been ... [more] Helping to find providers in the area that can work with him as he needs a stable and trustworthy psychiatrist or psychologist with ... [more]

IA-675 Negotiate charges for ER visits + one day stay in hospital.... [more] Advise if, how much and who can help reduce charges on my behalf.... [more]

CO-674 long term care... [more]

CA-673 Self employed Male 60 yrs old dx with stage 4 clear cell renal cell carcinoma feb 2016. Radical nephrectomy then sepsis and intestinal ... [more] Need case manager knowledgable about fed and California state coverage for health care, income, disability, Medicaid, Medicare, legal ... [more]


DE-670 My Current problem is a result of previous doctors incorrect diagnosis followed by excessive pain medication on a monthly basis for ... [more] One I like help so I can file a formal complaint against this jerk who has no business practicing his 2 days a week. I also need help ... [more]

FL-668 I have a daughter with long term medical issues navigating SSI, substance. Abuse etc... [more] Her. Insurance seems to. Change. Mo nth Ly and is not getting the care she needs... [more]

KY-667 We are needing an advocate to help out an employee in the Louisville KY area. One that will go with him to dr appts and so on... [more] Need someone that could be one on one with him. Dr. appts - take him through the process... [more]

OR-664 1). Need help with figuring out ins claims for all 12 and 15yo daughters, myself and my husband 2). Employer switching ins carriers ... [more] -sometimes I don’t even know what question to ask!!! -review EOBs/claims -determine when insurance carrier was in error -determine ... [more]

WI-663 i was injured by a surgeon with an attitude,and he intentionly,hurt me ,i was complaining of problems from the start,right after surgery,but ... [more] i want the surgeon and the hospitol to be held accountable,what they put me through,not to mention,my wife and kids,was a sin.and ... [more]

CA-662 navigating with insurance company and doctors office for STD and the forms. Limited use of computer and also cranial pinched nerve ... [more] On FMLA since 4/11. Surgery 4/27. Surgeon extended Total Disability effective through 9/2 and emailed Cigna this letter yesterday. ... [more]

NY-661 I am unable to speak must email me tto contact me. Since I don’t speak aspeak have major issues making appointments get therapy ... [more]

WA-659 I have been misdiagnosed by a nurse as having dementia. I remember things for the other patients. I am being held against my will ... [more] help me get home... [more]

NY-658 I have Emergency Medicaid only. No doctor accepts this and I need a PCP and a pain management doctor. There is derogatory information ... [more] I need advice how to get a PCP and pain management doctor. I also need help in taking this derogatory information off my records.... [more]

MD-657 Had a vertigo attack Jan. 5th 2016. My son called 911 went to Shady Grove Hospital. I didn’t find out until June 28th that they ... [more] Waiting to hear from the patient rep. This Friday, cause he said he has been doing this for 10 years & he has never heard of such ... [more]

MI-656 Brain Cancer Patient left with mobility, vision, speech problems after surgery. Has now become quite immobile, scared and angry (depressed ... [more] it’s so much bigger than this little box can hold. ... [more]

AK-655 I received a new injury at the hospital, while in for a surgery for low and mid back. Left hospital with immediate right hip pain, ... [more] This injury has left me 100 % disabled. Even walking is hard to do with a walker. I need a lot of things and assistive technology ... [more]

NM-653 We need help getting a Dx and services like Therapy for our daughter, who became disabled with a neurological D/O about a year ago, ... [more] Help us as a resource at appointments, navigating insurance, and finding the right specialists and services.... [more]

TX-652 My mother has a severe mental illness with no insight into her symptoms. I need help understanding my options going forward for guardianship ... [more] I do not live in Texas, so I will need legal expertise for Texas, but all consultation will need to happen on the phone, or if applicable, ... [more]

TX-651 finding resources for housing, food, transportation, prescription medications... [more] help navigate the system, identify agencies who can help find needed resources... [more]

ON-650 My GP has diagnosed me with COPD-emphysema last Dec. 2015. I find it difficult to get information from him concerning my health issues ... [more] I was hoping to have an advocate be with me when I go to doctor appointments, at least until I find a new doctor. Maybe go as far ... [more]

AZ-649 I have been out of work since November of 2015 after neurologist Dr. Jason Reinhardt at the Core Institute in Phoenix placed me on ... [more] Apparently, I could find no law that requires doctors to fill out insurance or FMLA forms. Hopefully I’m mistaken and that my ... [more]

MO-648 Need an independent medical billing advocate in the St. Louis area.c... [more] I am trying to find a 3rd party, medical billing advocate service to hire to help my brother review / sort through their bills, ... [more]

NV-647 I need to help my brother, who is mentally disabled, find a place to live like a group home as well as other services that are available.... [more] I don’t know what services are available to the mentally ill and need someone to help navigate for my brother.... [more]

CA-646 Help is needed with case management for a family that receives SSI and is expecting to soon receive SSDI, as well. ... [more] Ongoing management of paperwork and communications with SSA.... [more]

KY-645 Information on malpractice ... [more] What I need to do... [more]

NY-644 I have been mildly sexually assaulted in an ER (could not find lawyer at that time), have now been injured in that ER multiple times. ... [more] Hospital is now afraid bc of other legal cases against them re sexual assault in ER. Hospital wants me to shush. I need advocate to ... [more]

IA-643 Having problems with nursing hime... [more] We need an advocate to help make sure he’s being fed properly as he’s losi ge weig, and not send him to a hospital when ... [more]

LA-642 I need to locate a medicaid eligibility specialist within 25 miles or so of zip code 70058, Harvey, LA. Greg Inguagiato Ph: 805-587-9117... [more] need to find a local medicaid eligibility specialist for long term care help to navigate system... [more]

OR-641 At this point ive been to many wrong doctors.and my mefical recirds are messed up because no one give me treatment or dont look at ... [more] I was diagnosed with chronic opacification if mastoid air cells,then superior canal dehenscence both sure mastioditis has ... [more]

CO-640 Root canal was botched. Temporary bridge put on. A second Dentist confirmed that there is a hole in the temporary bridge; a hole in ... [more] Need to know what to do and soon! Patient does not want this dentist to put a permanent bridge over a tooth that needs a root canal.... [more]

MB-639 Tourist Medical bill: Request for reduction on Emergency procedure.... [more] Negotiate Hospital Billing. No itemized bill as they are on Per Day rate.... [more]

LA-638 Mother recently in treatment for MDS (chemo etc) has increased medical paperwork/billing etc which she can no longer decipher/audit ... [more] Need assistance in reviewing parents’ medical bills, insurance statements etc. for auditing/correct payment.... [more]

TX-636 My son is sitting in the Denton County Jail on a parole hold after a suicide attempt, I believe he may have Borderline ... [more] He needs a psychiatrist who will go to the jail or the court & asess & fill the required document for a judge. The State will only ... [more]

OH-635 Recent diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Currently effecting mobility as tumors are on her spine and she in now non-weight bearing ... [more] Want help in navigating the care system as she goes through treatment to reduce instances of what has already happened and assistance ... [more]

Assigned Requests
KS-696 I’ve been in pain management 11yrs attempting to resolve underlying injuries for 13yrs. PM has erred time & again. the last ... [more] I need an entity who will fight to keep me alive then get proper treatment. A son, a wife I love desperately. Every new day is hell, ... [more]

CO-626 I will send an email directly to the advocate with more specific information. Thank you.... [more] I will send an email directly to the advocate with more specific information. Thank you.... [more]

OR-621 We are a young family with an autistic son that is looking for more of a health-advocate-"handyman" that we can establish a long-term ... [more] We envision an advocate that is readily available and responsive by email to review claims forms, help us define terms, advise us ... [more]

NY-523 Our Nephew was taken to Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico ( 27 year’s old ) with kidney failure and blood clots in ... [more] We have two insurances Blue Cross and Blue Shield ( Out Of State for our nephew ) He also has stae health insurance from New Mexico. ... [more]

NY-521 Pt. has a new appt. with a chief neurologist on Sept 23rd 2015, and needs help conveying his chief complaint and associated symptoms ... [more] Advocate can elicit pt’s needs in a pro ate meeting and then take notes during medical interview, also slow down the pace of ... [more]

NV-511 My Father has many different health problems. Our family needs help understanding how to navigate medicare and finding long-term ... [more] We need someone to help us view the entire situation holistically and navigate medicare for best options for either in home care or ... [more]

VA-475 Problem— as a patient with Leukemia AML in full remission, with no MRD (minimum residual disease), no genetic/chromosomal or ... [more] Conduct research on the relative successes of either of the above choices (specifically involving Vosaroxin and Decitabine) versus ... [more]

OH-371 Brother has brain cancer. Went through 8 weeks of chemo and radiation with good results?? Then pneumonia and on a vent for 8 days. ... [more] We need someone to coordinate all docs and get information and set reasonable goals. Nursing home initially treated him like 95 year ... [more]

CA-323 We have a family member in San Diego in assisted living with reduced capacity to make good decisions. He’s on SS and small retirement. ... [more] Need someone who is very familiar with California Medi-Cal SoC and new MediConnect, etc. program to advise us on best coverage options.... [more]

CA-216 I been diagnosed with gall bladder issues. I also have ptsd around medical treatment and unusual sensitivities to medications. A recent ... [more] I I hope there is a knowledgable, compassionate person who can help me make decisions and be an advocate for me in this process.... [more]

FL-146 Patient needs assistance with claim against insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield for bicycle accident... [more]

VA-120 My mother has been in acute pain for the last 10 years, lives in Florida and is very isolated, she recently tried to commit suicide ... [more] Need to get her help to get her strong enough to travel and get the real scoop on both her medical andphysical conditions... [more]

WA-119 my daughter in spokane, WA has severe gastro-paresis, always nauseated and vomiting, lots of abdonminal pain... [more] since she is young doctors judge her as either crazy or seeking pain meds. she has been so sick for 4 years and about to give up. ... [more]

WA-069 undiagnosed debilitating pain on a muscular/skeletal/nerve level... [more] helping me make and keep doctor's appointments, navigate SSI process, nudging doctors to persist in finding a diagnosis... [more]

CO-065 I was wondering what legal precedent exists, if any, for cases involving a patient wrongly accused of "doctor shopping" or some sort ... [more] Legal ssistance if an option. Also, I need to speak with another doctor in my area who will work with me on a similar medication and/or ... [more]

Unknown-063 My dentist referred me to a out of network surgical dentist, the surgical dentist office did not notify they do not accept my insurance.... [more] what do I do in this situation, the surgical office is telling me they will not accept my insurance, even though my insurance will cover?... [more]

FL-062 Assistance is reviewing medical data & seeking best malpractice attorney for my needs... [more] become familiar with 5 year hx of multiple misdiagnoses, hippa violations, Rx errors, current disorders (due to wrong meds) of reactive ... [more]

KS-058 My Dad has been diagnosed with leukemia. He's in KS. I'm in CA. My mom is in shock. I want to know if he's getting the proper ... [more] Perhaps someone familiar with leukemia can review all the test data, ask for more info if necessary, and offer an opinion.... [more]

FL-056 My friend Susan reached the coverage gap with Medicare D. She needs help right away obtaining Plavix and cardizem la til January. ... [more] Susan needs someone who knows of resources where she can get free or low cost drugs for the rest of the year and someone who can assist ... [more]

CA-049 The above patient has passed. The issue is very sensitive. Her daughter is also a well qualified nurse. However, her daughter has ... [more] I am not sure what direction to take. Privacy issues and understanding of mom's situation were compromised. It is an ethics and possible ... [more]

FL-046 I called Non-profit Patient Assistance for a week. So busy, councilor makes one attempt and since we were on the phone she gave up. ... [more] Medicaid denied. Help with appeal? Biopsy results this week or next then should have Dr letter for SSDI. We spent bill and food ... [more]

IN-044 I moved to California three years ago. I have a mother in Northern Indiana (Munster) and in the last few days there is a significant ... [more] We need someone who can step in to advise us because we are out of town.... [more]

IL-039 Do you know of a medical advocate in the State of Illinois?... [more] I need to know my rights as a patient.... [more]

WA-021 travel ins. co. csa denies claim for cancelation due to vertigo attack.dr.explained treatment bot ins. co. is not honoring it.... [more] need help with fighting insurance company... [more]

Completed Requests
SC-669Hospital has determined my wife has terminal cancer but I want more opinions/options.... [more] Determine of there are more options specifically treatments for my wifes cancer... [more]

MD-666I would like to contact Michelle Nash. She was recommended to us by our physician, Dr. Elizabeth Latimer.... [more] My daughter received IGIV treatment in March and I’d like to ask for her help in getting UHC to pay for the treatment.... [more]

CA-660I’ve an injured left leg, cracked fibula, crushed ankle & foot w/ severe fractures all now improperly healed preventing movement ... [more] Work to restore the rights, healthcare, immediate commencement of treatment for both my injury related need + my new & prior disabilities. ... [more]

NY-654More skillss needed for career in these groups... [more]

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