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July 12
7 to 7:45 pm EST
4 to 4:45 pm PST

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Medical Billing SIG Networking Call - all APHA members invited!

Managing medical bills Part II: Raising cash through financing to pay for medical expenses (and our fees!)

Speaker: Chris Wyatt, VP at Parasail Health

Chris Wyatt, VP at Parasail Health, will introduce financing options for patients to raise cash for medical expenses, and explain how they can help us advocates negotiate better outcomes with providers while getting paid up front for our services.

An opportunity for advocates to get client referrals will be presented as well.

July 13
7 to 7:45 pm EST
4 to 4:45 pm PST


Registration closes
3 hours prior to the call. If you register later than that, you will not receive the call in numbers.

Guarding Your Intellectual Property

Do you have a logo or website for your advocacy business? Have you developed a recognized brand? Do you write a blog, or have you written useful material for patients or other advocates? Do you send a newsletter to potential clients?

No matter what type of writing or designing you do, once you have published it, the result is considered to be your intellectual property. If you have written or created for your business, then the results become your business’s intellectual capital, and contribute to the value of your business.

That means it is important for you to protect your creations using the legal means available and necessary to do so. Understanding how to guard your intellectual property includes everything from knowing how and when something should be copyrighted, knowing how and when something needs to be trademarked, the differences between those two, what your legal rights and responsibilities are, how to go about all this legally, and even what you need to do to protect your intellectual property if you find someone has made use of your creations without your permission. Also important is to understand how to avoid infringing the rights of others.

Gina Culbert, an intellectual property attorney at Baker Hostetler in Seattle, WA will be our presenter for this call. With more than 30 years of experience, Gina knows the questions to ask, and the important answers we need. In addition, Gina has a keen interest in patient advocacy, and sits on the Board of Directors of WASHAA (Washington State Health Advocacy Association.)

September 19
7 to 7:45 pm EST
4 to 4:45 pm PST

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The Beryl Institute, Patient Advocacy and the Hospital Patient Experience

Many private advocates are aware that The Beryl Institute serves the needs of hospital patient advocates, working to improve the interface between them and the patients they serve. Understanding more about the work of The Beryl Institute, hospital advocates, and their role in the hospital patient experience can help us improve our service to our hospitalized clients.

This session will:
• Describe The Beryl Institute's work, it's members and membership benefits
• Share the state of the patient experience in the hospital today
• Explain the role of a professional hospital patient advocate, both from the hospital's and patient's point of view
• Review the professional code of ethics for a hospital patient advocate
• Discuss ways private advocates and hospital patient advocates can collaborate to improve our clients' hospital experiences

Join us as Stacy Palmer, The Beryl Institute's Vice President for Strategy and Member Experience, and Carol Santalucia, former SHCA president and now a member of The Beryl Instiute's executive board and a leader of its patient advocacy community, share their insights about the work their organization does, and how private advocates can best serve their clients through collaboration with hospital advocates.

October 12
7 to 7:45 pm EST
4 to 4:45 pm PST

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Marketing to Seniors and Their Family Caregivers

If your niche (or at least your favorite clients) are folks over age 65, this is the call for you. Successful outreach to the "aging" market requires a good knowledge of the touchpoints that are important to a mature audience. Assumptions won't do. You need to understand their reality and how they seek help.

Our guest expert, Anthony Cirillo, has been working with seniors and those who market to them, for the past 31 years. He writes and speaks for mature individuals, their families and loved ones, and the professionals they choose to work with. And then, sometimes he just breaks out in song!

You can find Anthony online in a variety of places - (formerly, the Educated Aging Blog, and at his website, The Aging Experience.

And you can find him as our expert here at APHA, too. Register today to learn all you can about marketing to the aging market.

(Date: TBD)
7 to 7:45 pm EST
4 to 4:45 pm PST

Registration will begin a few weeks prior to this call.
The Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Marketing

If marketing is either new to you, or an enigma - or both! - then spend 45 minutes with us to learn the best tips for minimizing marketing confusion, maximizing your efforts, reaching, then engaging the most people.

A little bit psychology, and a little bit of magic, combined with a little bit of common sense can go a long way toward making your marketing work better for you.

You might not believe it, but marketing can actually be fun, in particular when your phone begins to ring more frequently!

Join us. Send us your questions at least 3 days in advance, please.

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