Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Network with others who share your interests.
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Canadian Corner
Florida Advocates
Lawyers as Health Advocates 
Medical Billing & Claims Advocates
Navigation Tracker Users
Physicians as Advocates
Working with Employers
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General Information:
Special Interest groups are created by you - our members. If you have a special interest you think would be shared among other members, you can request we set one up for you.

SIGs may contain:
online networking forum specific to the interest group
regularly scheduled teleconference for invited experts and/or members of the SIG.
Resources specific to the interest group
ability to add resources to the SIG Master Page
  Anything additional that makes sense - make a suggestion!

Who may participate in SIGs?
  All Premium, Business, PACE, and PACE International members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

How can you participate?
  You may
access the SIG Master Pages (see links above) at any time.
participate in a SIG Forum, join the SIG at the APHA Members Connect! site
add resources, find the link on each SIG Master Page

Questions or Ideas?  What to request a new SIG? 
Contact APHA Admin:  membersvc@aphadvocates.org

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